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Dec 31, 2011 06:40 AM

Post Your Three Favorite Things You ate in Boston in 2011

(Home cooking doesn't count).

Kaeng Hangleh from Thai North, succulent, slow braised very complex spicing pork belly. Might have made this list cause I just had it this week, but wow!

Portuguese Tart from Great Taste Bakery - Darned hooked on these.

Strip T's Eggplant Bahn Mi. So many dishes to love, but this one stands out for it's perfect creative twist on a classic, and heck, it's relatively healthy too.

In all fairness now that I have a family, been watching my budget a bit so no Menton or 8 course wine tastings at Troquet this year.

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  1. Spicy Bean Curd with Dan Dan Sauce @ Mary Chung. Can't get enough of that sauce! Great combo with the tofu.

    Pain Perdu @ Aquitaine Bis. I'm usually a chocolate dessert type, but I love this.

    The Cognac Burger @ Cognac Bistro. whoo!

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    1. re: CookieLee

      Plus one on the Tofu with Dan Dan Sauce at Mary Chung's. That is certainly one of my favorite dishes of the year

    2. I do not get out nearly as often as I would like but here are some standouts in my mind:

      Butternut Squash Risotto - Porter Cafe

      Chicken Saltimbocca - Carlos Cuccina

      Linguine with Littlenecks in a White Sauce - Massiminos

      .....and I am cheating but I need to add one more: the seared scallop appetizer served over celeriac mash with a balsamic fig reduction at Delfino's.

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      1. re: hto44

        hto44 - I had that risotto at Porter Cafe and it was totally subpar - very soupy and not like risotto at all - must have been there on a bad night :(

        1. re: sallyt

          That is disappointing! Was it recently because I know they have changed chefs within the past month and I wonder if that had something to do with it?

          1. re: hto44

            It was recently - it was on 12/13. That's interesting that they have changed chefs... A bummer!

      2. Limiting it to things I had for the first time this year:

        Sizzling eggplant with pork at Shanghai Gate (far and away the winner)
        Poutine at Saus (the first one I've had in Boston that tasted like a proper Canadian poutine)
        Hm...I'm reserving my third pick. Can't make up my mind.

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        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          Lions head meatball at Shanghai Gate? (Your previous post about Shanghai Gate made me wish I had eaten one in 2011 but I plan to change that soon!)

          1. re: Berheenia

            Well, yeah, but I was trying to limit this to things I had for the first time in 2011, and I've been eating those bad boys since Shanghai Gate opened, so they don't count.

        2. Pasta at Coppa (no longer on the menu)
          Chocolate croissant at Canto 6
          Mushroom tagliatelle at Alta Strada

          Great thread!

          1. As cited in my annual Devil's Dining Awards, the Dish of the Year (tie):

            -- A simple soup of broth, crouton, poached egg, cheese, and white Alba truffles at Erbaluce

            -- Handmade burrata with shaved vegetable salad, pistachio vinaigrette, and aniseed tuile at Bondir

            -- Roasted apple salad with corned beef tongue, horseradish, and beet broth at Strip-T’s

            -- Crudo of striper collar at Coppa Enoteca.

            There was also this giant bucket of Bon Chon Chicken (both sauces) and mountain of Bud Light Lime and High Life ponies we polished off after a hot summer day spent helping a friend move: that was pretty special in its own way, too.