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Dec 31, 2011 06:10 AM

Favorite dessert from Germany Christmas Market trip

Love Chowhound...gave us great options as we travelled from town to town in Germany. A great highlight was an afternoon dessert break coming back from the Kaiserberg castle in Nuremberg. Less than 1/2 block down the hill from the castle was Hutt'n. We dropped in to try the apple fritters mentioned in a Chowhound thread. As you can see in our already munched photo, it was great. Lots of ice cream and whipped cream to support each bite. A favorite of the entire trip. Beer class sized soft drinks were an added plus.

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  1. Nothing more wonderful than the ritual Kaffeetrinken in Germany. In my four years of living there, I learned to love all their cakes and desserts. Your photo looks wonderful.

    1. And not only dessert. I *love* the pan-fried mushrooms with garlic sauce one can get at a Weihnachtsmarkt. Why don't these migrate across the Atlantic?

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        Thanks so much for the picture of the apple fritters. I talked about them last year on one of the threads - they were so good but our picture didn't turn out. Just seeing the picture makes me want to go jump on an airplane to Germany. Also Hutt'n has the best sauerkraut. I am trying to replicate it. I added caraway seeds, a little red wine, bacon and some bacon grease. I think it is somewhat similar to the sauerkraut at Hutt'n.
        To remember our trip, we had Haselnuss liquor from Hutt'n to celebrate the new year.