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Dec 31, 2011 06:09 AM

Coconut milk in the slow cooker?

I have a recipe I am considering trying in the slow cooker, it's got coconut milk. Will thecoconut milk be okay in a slow cooker for a few hours on low?

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  1. whenever i use coconut milk, it's for pretty short cook times. i'd be worried the stuff would break, even on low.

    what are you making?

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      I want to make split chicken breast with Thai flavors.... I could do the curry and spices and add the coconut milk when i get home and cook as long as rice takes....I wonder if that would work?
      I was worried about the coconut milk breaking as well

      1. re: cgarner

        adding the coconut milk simply to cook the rice would likely be ok. how long will that take? cooking rice on the stovetop is pretty fast. is that not an option?

    2. I tried making Thai Massaman Curry in a slow cooker, thinking the lamb would benefit from a long, slow simmer. The coconut split and, while the lamb was nice and tender, we felt the dish was pretty much ruined.

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      1. re: Journey

        FWIW, I recently tried a slow cooker rice pudding recipe that uses a combination of coconut and cow's milk. Worked just fine.

      2. I was thinking i would add the coconut milk to the slow cooker at the end, while the rice cooked.

        1. I had dinner at a friend's house recently and she prepared brisket with coconut milk in a slow cooker. She told me that she often puts the ingredients in the cooker in the morning so dinner will be ready by the time she comes home at night. The brisket was excellent, and there was certainly no indication on the platter that the coconut milk had broken.

          1. Reporting back on the final results:
            Used boneless skinless.thighs, browned them, added to the slow cooker with shallot, ginger, lemongrass, serrano chile, garlic, curry, cumin, coriander, tomato paste and lime juice. Cooked low three hours.
            Aded diced tomato, red pepper and Coconut milk last 20 minutes on low. Served wifh fresh cilantro and lime edges. The milk did not separate, and it was long enough for the flavor to permeate the chicken.
            Turned out great