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Dec 31, 2011 06:06 AM

Lunch in Lisbon on 1 Jan 2012

Anyone help with a restaurant that will be open in the city tomorrow for lunch - first day of the new year plus a Sunday!

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  1. Ouch! Try the Brasserie Flo at the Tivoli on Avenida da Liberdade tel. 213 198 977. Otherwise you will have to follow your nose.

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      Thanks & that reminded me of Ad Lib at the Sofitel confirmed it does a lunchtime buffet tomorrow. But it is good advice to follow our noses, might come up with something interesting. I will ask St Antonio - found me a good parking space tonight!

        1. re: monchique

          Ad Lib buffet, it ticked all the boxes including catering to the twin who was a vegetarian. She did quite a bit of photographing the food and doing a Foursquare mention of the venue. Highlight was the salty chocolate dessert. Mother overdosed on the bread, dipping it in virgin olive oil, & father loved the smoked salmon. So this new year lunch was a big success for the family from Miami on tour with me from the Independence of the Seas cruise ship. I did phone up Brasserie Flo in the morning but it was fully booked - thanks for all the help.

          1. re: yourlisbonguide

            Glad it worked, I have to try Ad Lib on day (not so keen on buffets). Brasserie Flo is not strong on vegetarians, but great for oysters...
            Thanks for the report, and enjoy the rest of your cruise.

            1. re: monchique

              Interesting that you have never been. I found it because one of my tour couples stayed at the hotel during Lisbon Restaurant Week last year, when they booked in I immediately got them a table for dinner that night. During the tour the next day we had booked in for lunch at Assinatura which was good by the way but they raved about the meal that they had had the previous night at AdLIb - so of course I took my South African executive to AdLib for lunch there the next day where we had the best meal of all. Their green risotto dish although not pretty or with the greatest presentation was THE best of all the meals that week with the thumbs up from the four of us and VERY more-ish! Actually it was not the 1st restaurant the came to mind for my tour guests but after tasting the food plus the convenience of location it is now firmly on my radar.