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Dec 31, 2011 02:44 AM

Final sf and napa food itinerary

All the reservations are done and we are ready to go, this is what we have so far
Love to hear the comments

Nopa (we arrive late into sf)

And drinks at bourbon and branch before dinner

Any reccomendatiosn on breakfast/lunch ????????


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  1. Breakfast: Plow
    brunch Foreign Cinema

    1. Great places, difficult itinerary. Redd and Bottega are close together. Cyrus is 40 miles away. Manresa is 100 miles away.

      Where is your home base?

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      1. re: cortez

        First 2days sf
        After bardessono in yountiville........
        Am i missing something or adding soemthing i shoulndt?

        1. re: super_al

          You are missing that Manresa is a long drive from Yountville (2 hours each way without traffic, that route has traffic). It is worth that drive, but you should stay near the restaurant that night.

          1. re: bbulkow

            as a substitute for Manresa, consider Commis, which is created by the person behind Manresa. Located on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, it is more consistent with the route either going to or returning from Napa.

            Manresa Restaurant
            320 Village Lane, Los Gatos, CA 95030

            3859 Piedmont Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611

            1. re: VineBuzz

              Commis was created by James Syhabout, who worked at Manresa for a few years and rose to the level of chef de cuisine under David Kinch. Syhabout also did stages at Fat Duck and El Bulli and helped Daniel Patterson open Coi.

      2. Breakfast recommendations in the Napa Valley include:

        Boon Fly Cafe
        Fremont Diner

        Pastry shops for breakfast:
        Sweetie Pies
        ABC Bakery
        Model Bakery

        1. I realize you have Italian in Napa; but it would be a shame if you didn't try one of the fantastic places in SF. Perhaps you can try A16 or Perbacco for lunch (upscale but not high end). Both will have nice options for vegetarians as well.

          As for your schedule, it appears you are going to Manresa on the same day you leave Yountville and for back home? What time is the dinner reservation? And then you have a 45 minute drive to the airport from the restaurant.

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          1. re: ceekskat

            That is correct wenleave home the same day
            Dinner is at 630pm and the flight leaves @1am...... So inink we have enoght time
            Also i have hear a16 good to know that it. Can be good for lunch as well

            Also is bourbon and branch good for drinks???? Or its more what you hear from the place?
            Plow is close during our visit, any other reccomendations ?
            Any stops worth along the wy to napa from sf and from napa to los gatos?

            1. re: super_al

              No reason to stop between Napa and San Francisco - you will spend more time getting off the freeway and getting anywhere of any note than just driving to-and-from (an hour and 15-minute drive, at best - two hours in really bad traffic).

              Can't comment about any stops between Napa and Los Gatos - I've done the drive but have never gotten off the freeway anywhere along the way.

              1. re: super_al

                Haven't been to bourbon & branch. As for stops from Napa to Los Gatos, you will have just finished lunch and have to leave Yountville by 3:30 to get to dinner by 6:30 comfortably (unless may be a Sunday). South of Berkeley/Oakland, there really isn't anything of note off hwy 880 except may be Indian or Afghani.

                1. re: super_al

                  Bourbon and Branch is very good for drinks. I've been to the Library two times and Wilson & Wilson once. Still haven't been to the main bar. Wilson & Wilson doesn't like to take special drink requests. They prefer to keep to their standard menu (which has some very good drinks, abd plenty of whiskey options). I found the bartenders at the Library to be more likely to whip something up special, especially earlier in the evening when it wasn't too crowded.

                  1. re: jacquesf

                    We have enjoyed the drinks at Bourbon and Branch but prefer Cantina, just a short walk away.
                    We just find it more intimate and still very creative. You might try a drink at each place just for comparison's sake.
                    I can't imagine getting onto a plane after the meal we had at Manresa. Good luck with that one :)

                  2. re: super_al

                    Napa to Los Gatos covers a population of about 5M people and a WHOLE LOT of food. Thousands and thousands and thousands of restaurants. How do you feel about tacos? Really good tacos? Or hand pulled noodles? Or beer?

                2. As Carrie mentions, Boon Fly Cafe is a great choice for breakfast in Napa Valley. I actually prefer the sit-down breakfast choices at ABC in Napa more than just their pastries, and I personally like both of those more than Fremont Cafe.

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                  1. re: TwoGuysFromNapa

                    so im back home and with more than a couple of pounds more, thanks for all the info.

                    my review about the places is as follows.

                    nopa in Sf, very good food nice place great recommendation
                    sears for breakfast in SF, funny place good hash

                    coi SF,one of the worst places i have ever been, all the food was very very sour, we coulnt even finishe the menu, no proteins in the menu, and all the vegetables where the same, services ok, and they try to give us some extra dish becauuse of the trouble and gave us a really bad egg dish and cold (it was suppose t be hot, and we where the only ones in the rest), dont go, if they stay like this, i dont see a bright future for them

                    redd napa, amazing food great service very good value
                    cyrus napa- best food of the trip got the private dinning room, met the chef who is really cool, plus the food was really intresting and good and diferent
                    bottega- nice place good food, better than what i expected

                    instead of manresa we staed and eat at bouchon, very good freanch food, but i dont think is worth 1 michellin star, but very good any way

                    thanks again all
                    ps got late to bourbon and branch, sat at the library, it was ok, not what i expected, i thought it was like the office in chicago

                    1. re: super_al

                      Thanks for reporting back! We love Redd too. Too bad about COI & just seafood? no meat? Was this the day's tasting menu?