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Dec 31, 2011 02:43 AM

Novita a Roma?

So I`ve been away for months for work. Anywhere new, good, fun opened since August, anywhere that`s gotten better, worse?
Anybody been to Cafe Propaganda?

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  1. There have been several new openings since august. Aromaticus on Via Urbana is a urban foraging and aromatic plant store that serves salads and tartares in the back.Antico Forno ai Serpenti on via dei Serpenti is a brand new bakery in the place of an old bakery. I've had a few sandwiches there and they were good. Bread not quite as good and pastries/biscotti hit or miss. I think the most exciting recent opening is Pipero al Rex, a fine dining restaurant in the Hotel Rex near Termini which serves excellent creative fare. The Romans go gaga for the carbonara (which is wonderful and in the style of Roscioli) but the other dishes are really very good and even more deserving of praise. Goose breast tartare with mustard and apples was one of the best dishes I had this year.

    I have been to Caffe Propaganda and in my opinion it doesn't live up to the hype. The food is rather bland and generally disappointing, the service is beyond confused, and their approach of trying to be all things to all people results in them doing lots of things not very well. It is also touted as a sort of accessible budget destination in their press release but instead there moderately priced Roman-ish dishes and €10 posh french desserts. The place is pretty, so there's that...

    1. oh and two other things: Vino Roma has opened a new wine tasting space on Via in Selci in Monti, Il Mondo di Laura has moved from it's small storefront in the Ghetto to a new location nearby at Via della Reginella,

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        thanks! Monti is my near me and I`e walked by Aromaticus a few times since I`v been back and wondered about it... and gee, fine dining at Hotel Rex - I `m definitely going to have to go check it out..
        Unfortunately, what you said about Caffe Propaganda is in line with what another friend told.. that`s disappointing.

      2. I'd add that Dino de Bellis, previously chef at Antica Osteria l'Incannucciata in north Rome, has moved to the new Venticinque (25) restaurant. I've not been there yet, but knowing the chef preparations I'm sure it worth a visit also if it is not easy to get there from historic center (about 20 minutes by car, near Corso Francia).

        Completely agree with Katie's comment about Pipero al Rex!


        Venticinque Ristorante
        Via Flaminia, Roma, Lazio 00191, IT

        1. Adding link

          PS. it looks like link addition is not working, Pipero's address is via Torino 149

          Pipero al Rex
          Via Torino, Roma, Lazio 00184, IT

          1. another novita' : starting in late January or early February Enoteca Provincia Romana will be serving an expanded menu. they are in the process of renovating the kitchen so they can prepare hot dishes.


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              Thanks again,
              I`m looking forward to trying out Pipero next week. I swung by Antico Forno. Frankly it looks like the same old tired bread and pastries that they had before, just with a brand new modern decor..
              Sadly I kind of have to agree about Propaganda, especially about the service. Still, the place is really pretty as you say, and I did have some pretty good cocktails, and it was a nice enough place to hang out in the afternoon and is on this side of town so, there is that....

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                indeed. oh i just thought of another novita', though it may predate august:

                Pieluigi, a restaurant that I would never recommend for dining, does have an excellent bartender. He makes excellent cocktails and one can just go in and have a drink.

                Enjoy Pipero! id love to hear what you think!


                1. re: katieparla

                  Ha. Probably does predate August, I remember people telling me about the bartender. I never went because I seriously object to that place. However, if the bar is still up and running in the winter, I guess I will have to wander by.
                  I will definitely let you know.

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                  I have to disagree with your comments about Antico Forno,as regards their pizza. I had a beautiful slice of Marguerita there last week. they cut a slice,folded it in half and warmed it in a panini press( just to heat it up,not to push the two slices together). I ate it in the street and almost swooned from the deliciousness of it. And I'm a New Yorker who eats lots of pizza and was in Naples the week before. It was so incredible I went back the next day and haas some more,this time with mushrooms and onions. totally fab! Don't know about the rest of their food,tho..