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Dec 31, 2011 02:11 AM

BANGKOK - French/Italian/Steak

I love Thai food and on my next trip there, have already plan to visit KRUA APSORN and revisit BAAN KHANITA, Bo.Lan, SOMBOON and SRA BUA.

I want to throw in one or two French, Italian or steakhouse, but am a bit clueless. My options are D'SENS, BISCOTTI, ZANOTTI, DELICATEZZA and RIB ROOM AND BAR.

Any thoughts or comments, please?

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  1. I prefer Biscotti over Zanotti in overall food quality. For biscotti, pasta are really nice but the lamb (as main course) is quite special for me. I'd say zanotti's pasta is equally nice as biscotti's but the main courses are in different league. Things about biscotti is desserts are just nice but aren't as impressive as savory dishes. Oh, if you do visit Biscotti and if the waiter/tress asked if you want "sparkling or still" (of 2xx baht imported mineral water), you have another (more often than not) unmentioned option of "plain water" (40 baht bottled water).

    D'Sens offers good French but depending on where you are from, it might not be super impressive. I like their food just that it's quite expensive.

    (I have heard good words about delicatezza but haven't been there myself.)

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      NP2 - good to see you back on Chowhound again, it's been a while. Do keep posting - we have too few native Thai posters here.

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        :-) Thx, klyeoh. I'll try to keep up on posting.