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Dec 30, 2011 11:05 PM

Downtown restaurants with toddler -- recommendations?

My husband and I will be in Seattle for 4 nights with our (generally well-behaved) toddler in early January. We're staying downtown at the Grand Hyatt (721 Pine St) and will be looking for the best places for dinner within walking distance. On our last trip we ate at Steelhead Diner and enjoyed it. We'll definitely want to prioritize local seafood but it doesn't have to be a "seafood restaurant" per se. Other suggestions near the Market? Am considering Elliott's (for oysters), Etta's, Place Pigalle, Tulio ... . any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Kattie ... how did it go? We are visiting Seattle and looking for recommendations along you lines. We've hit the ID already for the Japanese and Chinese family friendlier restos.

    1. We have a toddler and until very recently lived downtown with her.

      Etta's and Palace Kitchen are both family friendly and recommended.

      I didn't much care for Place Pigalle, having given it a few tries.

      Happy hour at Elliott's can work but you have to get there early if you've got minors in your party (much of the happy-hour seating is at the bar behind the "21+" rail.)

      Other good options with kids downtown:
      Local 360 has always done well by us - really excellent food and they've always accommodated our daughter with a smile.

      Blue C Sushi is around the corner from the Grand Hyatt and is our daughter's favorite - it's honestly mediocre conveyer-belt sushi but if you know what's good (saba, albacore, scallop, sockeye nigiri; spicy scallop gunkan; california rolls; gyoza when they're hot) and what's to be avoided (tuna, octopus, atlantic salmon nigiri; tempura shrimp/crab/lobster rolls; gyoza when they're not hot) you can have a decent experience - and it's super-duper easy with a toddler.

      Pan Africa Market (in the Pike Place Market) and Habesha (about the same distance from the Hyatt as Pan Africa, but in the other direction) are two good Ethiopian restaurants that we've brought our daughter to many times. Pan Africa has better injera, Habesha has a generally better and more extensive menu. (Seattle has large Ethiopian and Eritrean communities.)

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        Thanks for the suggestion Terrier.

        My wife has been on parent duty while I was working at the WSCTC this week. We did Palace Kitchen with the little one and it worked out. We also went to Seatown and they were accomodating (albeit at 830 pm on a tues or wed night ... presumably slower).

        Thanks for the tips on goods and not-goods there. My wife stopped by for lunch with the little one and they had a blast.