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Dec 30, 2011 07:05 PM

Stone Bowl Korean Restaurant opening in Asheville

I saw the neon sign at the end of a small strip mall last night retuning from dinner at Nine Mile.

It is located across from Papas and Beer on Hendersonville Hwy. I returned today to try to get take out. The owner was locking up. Another couple drove up before me to question her. The story is she has the food permit as of today and working on beer and wine permits. She proudly showed us the interior...beautiful lighting, minimal, a few tributes to Korea. She is energetic and excited about her new venture. She gave us her take out menu that has appetizers, stonebowl, soup dinner, stir fry, chef special, grilled, rice and noodle sections for entrees.

Prices range from a modest entree of noodles for $11.00 to the chef specialty of braised pork belly served over specially preserved kimchi at $27.

They plan to open in early January.

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  1. Exciting! Thanks for the tip. I don't get down that way much, but would make the trip to check it out.

    1. I talked to a woman at the restaurant the other day, and supposedly they are opening January 7th.

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              Nice lead from chowhound, thank you! Ate there sat. night. They were slammed, 2 tables of 10 (large groups that included Korean-American families) and 2 tables of six came in, all in the 545-615 range before us (and a little later every table in the house was full). The servers and kitchen got behind but all in all for this to happen on the fourth day open, it was handled all right. One couple did walk out because they were in more of a hurry than we were to see motion happen. That is something a restaurant owner I'm sure never wants to see.

              Anyway, the food was very good. The 8-10 little condiment side dishes they bring you with your entrees are in themselves worth trying the place for. I'm excited to go back and try other things.

              A great addition to Asheville restaurant options.