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TWENTY SIX 2 quart bags of frozen pumpkin puree in my freezer. Am I nuts...

Two questions on one day. Must be a weather thing....
We bought 3 big pumpkins to decorate our antique shop for fall and I can't stand to waste food. Hubby is not a fan of pumpkin pie, so I am looking for other ideas.
A spice cake with cream cheese frosting was a hit, but I've made it twice already...Any ideas??? Thanks, Ann
PS if you live near ST Louis I may be able to bring you some.....

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  1. The pumpkin whoopie pies from the Baked cookbook were a great use for my leftover halloween pumpkin a couple years ago. They didn't turn out looking like the picture in the attached link - probably because big halloween pumpkins tend to be watery (baked up in large, round but flatter disks), but they were delicious nonetheless.


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      My friend had a lot of pumpkins from her garden this year. We made pumpkin risotto one night that was terrific. Made it again Christmas Eve.

    2. Are your "pumpkins" the eating kind or the "decorating" kind? If they're not specifically grown for using as a food, that may be why your hubby doesn't like pumpkin pie.
      Pumpkin spice cookies are quick and easy, they keep for a long while and go well with a cup of good coffee. Scones, a breakfast treat around my house, also give a lift to a chilly morning.

      1. how about curried pumpkin soup, ginger pumpkin scones, pumpkin butter?

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          also, if you have a dog, a tablespoon of pumpkin puree is a great occasional meal supplement because it has so much fibre.

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            but do beware -- pumpkin puree is the dog equivalent of ExLax -- and a spoonful is a VERY moving experience for most dogs.

        2. Ice Cream - with a graham cracker swirl, maybe even some chopped roasted pumpkin seeds too

          I do a caramelized onion, pumpkin and sage sauce for over fish

          Pumpkin Butter - as suggested above, but it's a lovely addition to oatmeal

          Macarons ( a nice filling component)
          Mixed in with an israeli couscous salad
          Pumpkin Crepes - sweet or savory
          Pumpkin Bread Pudding
          Added to the liquid for a strata - savory or sweet

          1. "so I am looking for other ideas"
            reintroduce yourself to favorite neighbors :)
            my husband and I drove through St Louis the 24th... darn

            cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
            pumpkin bread
            pumpkin pancakes
            hot potato pumpkin soup with sour cream dollop and slivered scallions

            1. You may not be nuts, but you could be out of your gourd...

                1. When you do recipe searches, you can easily substitute pumpkin puree for winter squash puree. Curried squash soup with apples is one of our favorites. I did not have a surplus of winter squash this year so I haven't tested out recipes for gnocci either made from squash/pumpkin or in a squash/pumpkin sauce with sage.
                  Pumpkin/squash biscuits and yeast rolls are a favorite of ours. I'd make pumpkin bread, too.

                  1. We liked the Pumpkin and Shrimp Bisque at EpiCurious: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                    1. Do you have dogs? A spoonful of puree added to their dish at mealtime is very healthy.

                      1. Thai spiced pumpkin soup is good, too. Pumpkin puree + chicken or veg stock, coconut milk, red curry paste, fresh thai basil, other ingredients as desired... Takes an incredibly short time to make.

                        Pumpkin gnocchi is a good way to make a "dumpling" with the puree. You can substitute, with some adjustments for liquid and fat, pumpkin puree for part of the flour in things like pancakes, crepes, gnocchi & pasta. So, you can add it as a superfood nutrition boost, as part of your everyday cooking. That might be the way to go if it's not a particularly tasty eating-pumpkin.

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                          That Thai soup sounds good AsperGirl. Thanks for the idea.

                        2. I really like to add a quarter cup of pumpkin puree (and some spices) to my single serving of oatmeal in the morning. I add it before I bring the water to a boil.

                          Pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin ravioli,

                          Like a couple of others, I was wondering if these were pumpkins suitable for eating.

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                            plus however many on those giant ornamental pumpkins being food pumpkins?

                            i have made pumpkin/goat cheese quiche and pumpkin coconut custard, with coconut milk, instead of cream. both use up quite a bit of coconut, but i have only used libby's canned.

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                              Pumpkin oatmeal is a great idea, too. Love this thread

                            2. I made a pumpkin trifle over the holidays that was great. It uses 1 can pumpkin (or your equivalent), 1 envelope gelatin, 1 cup sugar (I used 3/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 cup brown sugar), appropriate spices of your choice, and 1 pint heavy whipping cream to make the pumpkin mousse. The mouse is good enough to serve on its own. I layered the mouse with a spice cake in a trifle bowl and sprinkled the top with candied pecans and served with a warm brandy sauce. Very good! In retrospect, I would have incorporated some chopped crystallized ginger in there somehow - perhaps when layering - but I had none available on that particular day.

                              If you aren't familiar with using powdered gelatin and making the mousse, I can step you though that if you'd like.

                              1. I make a pasta sauce with pumpkin purée and crumbled sausage. Pumpkin chocolate chop cookies are addictive.

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                                1. You have 13 gallons of pumpkin puree, maybe you should accept that some will be wasted if you don't give some away -- maybe check with local shelters, etc. ?

                                  Even if you determine how long the pumpkin will stay nice while frozen, and use it up regularly and faithfully, it's a lot of pumpkin!
                                  I like it just mashed up with butter salt and pepper.

                                  1. I'm assuming you tasted this before you froze it all, because it may well have no taste at all!

                                    1. Stir some into a classic risotto; it will be delicious and beautifully colored.
                                      As someone else suggested, pumpkin ravioli--mix the pumpkin w/goat cheese or ricotta, and some thyme (or sage) and parmesan for the ravioli filling. Sauce w/brown butter.
                                      I make several versions of pumpkin lasagne: I like to layer it w/pecorino romano and mozzarella between sheets of spinach pasta; you could add some prosciutto or pancetta between the layers, too; or w/wild mushrooms and parmesan and sage; or with goat cheese and thyme. Toasted hazelnuts or buttered breadcrumbs sprinkled over the top offer a lovely crunchy touch.

                                      I also love pumpkin and goat cheese enchiladas, topped w/green salsa and roasted pumpkin seeds.
                                      Someone also mentioned pumpkin bread pudding--the pumpkin really is lovely mixed into the usual custard.
                                      Another sweet option--pumpkin gingerbread; there is a good recipe somewhere on CH, but I can't find it.
                                      That should get you through 2 or 3 qts-- ; )

                                        1. Pumpkin butter? Cook it down with spices like for apple sauce.

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                                            AMAZING!!!! I am frantically copy/pasting!!!! Really great thread...Love the risotto idea......I've done this before, but never in the volumn......Whopppie pies today. Soup MOnday........Thanks, Ann