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Dec 30, 2011 06:11 PM

Buy turmeric root?

Does anyone know of a store where I can buy fresh turmeric root in Northern Virginia - preferably western Fairfax. I am hoping it will be easy to find, considering all the Asian and Indian grocery stores in the area, but I didn't want to end up on a goose chase if someone on this board happened to know where I should look first.

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  1. Patel Brothers in Rockville has it, so I'm assuming their Fairfax location would have it too.

    1. someone did a google map of local indian and asian markets here on chowhound. you could call the close-by places.

      edit: DANG, the internal links to the google maps are broken, but the thread itself has info on markets, in addition to the now-gone google maps.

      here is my thread that inspired the google mapster:
      most of these places are in arlington, however, close to me.

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      1. The Grandmart in Alexandria and FreshWorld in Springfield both carry it so I suspect the large asian marts near you will have it.

        1. I saw it this morning at Harris Teeter in Crystal City. Might be worth calling some locations nearer to you to see if they have it as well.

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            They have it at the Harris Teeter in Herndon, too.

          2. Thanks everyone. I found it at Grandmart in Centreville. It was from Jamaica and 2.99/lb if anyone is interested to compare.

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              I saw it today at the Grand Mart in Alexandria - And I am curious, what do you plan to do with it?

              1. re: tommyskitchen

                I have a few ideas for it... Mainly, I got interested in it bc it's supposed to be great for inflammation, and I wanted to try making tea for my mom who has arthritis, with turmeric and ginger and was hoping the fresh herbs would make it more palatable. My first batch (1.5 inch turmeric and 1 inch ginger, and 1 t agave blended, steeped in 2 C water, and strained, was quite earthy :P
                But, the root also has a much fresher flavor than the powder, so I'm excited to see if it gives some new dimension to Indian dishes that call for it.