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Who killed Col Sanders?

It has been long time since I succumbed to any urge I had to eat there, but I just noticed that both the Somerville (Lower Broadway) and Cambridge (Inman Sq) locations are boarded up. The Porter Sq place closed 4 or 5 years ago.

I also noticed that there is a Popeyes open on Rt 16 in Everett (Southbound).

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  1. Still a KFC at Union Square Allston.

    1. Condos killed Colonel Sanders, at least in Inman Square. As they say, there goes the neighborhood.

      1. The one on Walnut Street in Newton also closed, one problem they have is that the franchises uniformly appear run down, dirty, and messy.

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          Whether it's perception or reality I often feel that fast food chains have gone downhill as compared to my youth. However, for whatever reason KFC leads that charge. I grew up on the stuff yet want no part of it anymore, and I'm far from an anti-fast food snob.

        2. Isn't KFC supposedly all over Asia now?

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            That SO doesn't count as "Greater Boston Area."

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              To be fair, if Col. Sanders was murdered, he'd be dead everywhere

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              They've been all over Asia for years. Mickey D's, Coke and KFC will be our greatest exports (cries in a corner).

              Colonel Sander's remnants do hangout in Quincy, though most are combo Taco Bell / KFCs or something like that. There's one on Hancock St, not too far from Wollaston station. Can't say I miss them much.

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                They open one new KFC a day in China. Pizza Hut which is also owned by the same parent company (Yum Brands) is also a huge hit in China but it is a completely different restaurant over there. (in menu and concept)

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                    KFC in the UK has by far the best fast food chicken sandwiches of the big fast food names, to the extent that I pine for them whenever I see the KFC logo here. They blow McD/BK away (their product being much the same as it is here), with plump, juicy real chicken breast that is almost chowish when you're in a food court / service station. But their fries are absolutely terrible.

                    My one visit to a US KFC was at the Inman Square combo one, and I was shocked at the so-called sandwiches which IIRC were dollar-menu items containing a swab of mayo and overcooked chicken fingers. They are missing a trick not doing the quality sandwiches over here.

                1. The one in Porter closed when nearby bridge construction started and they lost most of their traffic. The others closed quite abruptly, which is weird.

                  1. Popeye's in Everett? It's not listed on the Popeye's website. Are you sure?

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                      This ad was on Craigslist- kind of odd for them to post jobs there.


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                        Ah, I see from an obscure forum that they opened this week.

                      2. re: Karl S

                        Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits
                        1885 Revere Beach Pkwy
                        Everett, MA 02149
                        I hav not tried it. It seems new. The Popeyes in the Kenebunk rest stop on the Maine Turnpike is a regular stop in my summer weekend trips. It is decent, sometimes good. Too bad they don't have spinach.

                      3. there was/is a KFC on Rte 1 southbound- almost next to Prince Pizza. Drove by there the other day- but did not notice if it was open.

                        1. For what it's worth, there's a Popeyes franchise quite close to Kenmore Square on Brookline Ave. (New naming solecism there: the name that needs an apostrophe and doesn't have one.)

                          It had become a dirty, nasty place within a couple of months of opening (when I was doing a fried-chicken survey for BoMag), but apparently a new franchisee has taken over since and improved things (though I haven't been back.) I wonder if that's where Josh Beckett et. al. got their notorious Sox clubhouse fried chicken.


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                            It was.

                            Per Jon Lester:

                            "It was a ninth-inning rally beer," Lester said. "We probably ordered chicken from Popeye's like once a month. That happened. But that's not the reason we lost. Most of the times, it was one beer, a beer. "

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                              That's weird, I never thought it was dirty or nasty. The lines were always long and they were always running out of chicken, though. I always went there to get chicken for the game... definitely enjoyed seeing that the Sox did the same.

                              Anyways, I went a couple weeks ago and they had reorganized things behind the counter. There was no huge line and there was plenty of chicken available, so I guess the new management is doing something right.

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                                I actually went back a second time because I could not believe a restaurant that was only two or three months old could get so bad so quickly. Aside from appalling fried chicken (taken from a pile two feet tall, sitting under a warming lamp, and truly terrible side dishes), the place was strewn with trash, the dining spaces never wiped down, the floors filthy. Wretched.

                                The new franchisee reached out to me via email a few months later to let me know a new sheriff was in town. But as I said, I haven't been back to see whether / how much he has improved the place.


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                                Interesting re the revamp. As much as people say that the point of big chains is that they're all the same - that particular popeyes was not only the worst popeyes I'd ever set foot in, it was far worse than any other. Still, there are enough options that I enjoy pre-game that I doubt I'll give them a try.

                              3. As they say in Texas, "he needed killin' "

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                                    I think that quote is a valid defense in Tennessee as well. "Judge, he needed killin"

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                                      from eating too much bad chicken..:) They changed the name some years back from Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC..cuz the fried part of the name made for a bad image.

                                      Bojangles, out of Charlotte,NC..another mid size chain, puts out a pretty good product.

                                    2. Col. Sanders must be hiding out in the Merrimack Valley..there are 4 within a 15 minute drive to from my house..Haverhill, Lawrence, Salem NH and Methuen..although I can't say with total certainty that the Methuen one is still open since I haven't been on that road in a couple of months..but I haven't heard of it closing..so there you go. I haven't been to a KFC in a long time..the last time I ate something there I was sick for days...and the potatoes were terrible.

                                      1. There's one on N. Beacon Street almost next to Twin Donuts, at the dysfunctional intersection of Cambridge, Brighton and N. Beacon.

                                        What killed KFC was extra crispy. What the Colonel referred to as a "dough ball on a stick." I haven't eaten at a KFC in years but it was often impossible to get the actual original recipe.

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                                          AKA Union Square Allston, as referenced earlier.

                                          Personally, I still haven't gotten over the loss of the Chicken Little..

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                                            My fried chicken paragon was Poppa B's. They never did do the rumored take-out joint in Codman Square, I don't think.


                                          2. My first real job was at a KFC. Do I have stories to tell about that!

                                            Back in the day, it was OK; now it's terrible.

                                            1. I happened to be going through Everett the other day and saw Popeyes. The place was jammed but the lone went pretty quickly. I don't like KFC chicken, however, their chicken pot pie is my favorite.

                                              1. His frozen mashed potatoes killed him

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                                                  And could have been used to weight him down in the East River.