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Dec 30, 2011 05:11 PM

Where to eat after show(midnight) near aria?

Heading to aria for 9:30 show. Will be out at 11:30place for a bite.? Tapas or Asian influenced or other non deep fried food

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  1. Eat before you go to the show. At that hour, pretty much the only thing open are the various hotels' 24-hour restaurants. So, right in the area are Cafe Vettro at Aria, Cafe Bellagio (guess where), The Henry at The Cosmopolitan, and Planet Dailies across the street at Planet Hollywood. I haven't eaten at any of them, but based on word on the street and looking at the various menus, my nod goes to The Henry. There is also the secret pizzeria at Cosmopolitan, which offers up some excellent pizza by the slice (or whole pie) at reasonable-for-Vegas prices until the wee hours.

    If you're seeing the show on a weekend, it will be theoretically possible to go to Jaleo at The Cosmopolitan, but you will want to have on a good pair of running shoes as they close up at midnight on weekends.

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      Post Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil, we had a wonderful time at Bar Masa Aria. Clean, best ingredients with a top sommelier. recommended