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Dec 30, 2011 04:20 PM

Seriously good food in a new style in Rock Hall, Maryland

Hi All,

Just spent a few days in delightful Rock Hall, Maryland. Had some good food at Ford's and Waterman's Crab House...

Don't want to pit local places against each other but there is a special place that opened last spring-The Kitchen.

A couple of software engineers from the DC area have relocated bringing an amazing love of people, food and cooking to this corner of The Eastern Shore.

While many, many sources say that Waterman's is the place on the Eastern Shore for Crab and that might be true for the old style crab boil/pot...

The Kitchen features crab in many ways and some surprising and delightful twists on the older style of cooking. One favorite from the menu is an Eggs Chesapeake featuring crab.

One example of one of their takes on new style cooking is a wonderful portion of Rock Fish over rice, with shrimp, asparagus and an "Asian Style" broth. Ah.

My wife had an appetizer of wonderfully pan fried oysters (from North Carolina) with a wonderful remoulade sauce and then the slow cooked and so tender Lamb Shanks over Polenta.

We followed these dishes with their wonderful Chocolate Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sauce.

Sadly we have to leave here early on Saturday, New Year's Eve... Even so we're stopping by The Kitchen for one of her scones and some coffee!

Whatever is featured on the day you visit, there is a great wine list of by the glass and bottle selections.

Prices are totally fair for the fare.

Their "website" bare but pithy:

Happy New Year to All,
Ron Carter

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  1. Thanks for the tip. We stop of at the Rock Hall Marina every summer and it's always good to know what's new and good for a night ashore.

    1. Interesting! We were in Rock Hall a few years ago and found the Waterman to be decidedly lackluster. We liked our meals in Chestertown a lot more. Good to know there's something new there.

      1. Hi All,

        We did go back by for breakfast.

        The scones are amazing. Light crunchy, flavorful!
        My wife had one with coffee.
        I ordered a breakfast sandwich of scrambled eggs on Rye toast with bacon. The toast is a really rich bread, quite wonderful. The eggs perfectly done and in the meantime more great conversation with the couple who own, run and do all the cooking.

        We had to leave just as they were preparing for two NYE seatings of what sounded like another great meal at The Kitchen!

        If you're within a couple hours drive, you must!
        Sadly, I'm almost 5 hours away!
        Try it!
        We hope to be back in the summer...