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Loving Hut on Eglinton? Vegan Organic is it too good to be true?

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I went to Jerusalem for a late lunch today and I stopped in my tracks at the Loving Hut.
Is it too good to be true?
Fingers crossed.
Any reviews?

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  1. Loving Hut is very good for what it is- the trick is really nailing down what exactly it is that it is.

    Better than fast food, not quite sit-down restaurant proper quality, they serve good, sometimes bordering on very good vegan food that's tasty enough for anyone I order and enjoy. Along with some expected Asian dishes, they have some unexpected western dishes, and have the best vegan club sandwich I've ever tasted. It's an international chain with some weirdness surrounding the whole Supreme Master thing, but all in all: easy and tasty for a veg/vegan crowd.

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      Thanks Biggreenmatt!
      the reviews on Yelp were so-so.
      I will try it soon I hope.

    2. There is a Loving Hut on Richmond near Spadina. I hadn't realized they were a chain.

      I went there for quick takeout once, and the food was tasty. At the time I was trying to cut out gluten, and they were really accommodating about showing which dishes were gluten free, and which could be made gluten free. I chose an eggplant dish, and when I came back to pick it up, they had forgotten to use the gluten-free sauce. I told them not to worry, (I've never been good at sticking to the gluten-free diet) and the woman insisted that they would make it again for me, that I shouldn't eat the gluten version, that I wouldn't feel good if I ate it, and I should take good care of myself. :)

      The service left me feeling good about the place, and the food was yummy - perfect for a take-out lunch. I should make a point to go back!

      1. I am not a vegetarian and I was very pleasantly surprised by the green curried vegetable lunch special that I ate there about 5 months ago. Service is good and decor is acceptable, but do not expect a high end feel. I would definitely go back.

        1. I've only gotten take-out, but the food at the Eglinton location (it's actually an international chain) is freshly prepared and very tasty. Many of the items are deep fried, though, so if you're trying to avoid fried foods, ask before ordering.

          1. Is this the place run by Supreme Master?

            The food is alright. The atmosphere (e.g. TV shows) are amusing.

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              Thanks everyone! I got the chance to eat there at last because Jerusalem was rammed on a Sunday night so my family had to switch in my favour!
              I found the tofu really very good, and the rainbow salad delish and my kid liked the sushi (which oddly took 20 minutes from order?).
              The service is warm but quite a quirky crew. I knew we were safe to eat there when I seemed like the woman in charge of the kitchen was speaking Chinese and it looked like the chef behind the door was also Asian. (Sorry, I can't trust fried tofu to just any kitchen, it has to be Asian to really rock the flavour and crunch).
              I would recommend to any vegan and vegetarian, but the atmosphere is a bit odd, hard to put my finger on it and the videos are indeed unusual. I was not sure what we were watching but it was on loop it seemed.
              Thanks for a good find!
              Also for anyone looking for Chinese restaurant that can accomodate true vegetarian and vegan, we were totally surprised by the Hakka Dynasty (Keele & Wilson). They veganized a whole meal for a family sitting next to us and made me fresh hot and sour soup for me vegan AND IT TASTED GREAT!!! Also they had vegan spring rolls that would knock you socks off. It was coated in what reminded me of chicken wing batter.. MMMMMMmmmmm. Try them. Very nice folks.

            2. Been to the location on Richmond. Food was okay but I did really like the vegan cheesecake. Just ignore the creepy supreme master cult stuff and it should be okay

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                Not sure of the one on Richmond but I believe the Eglinton one serves cheesecake from Sweets From The Earth. If you want to avoid the brain-washing on the tv, pick up the desserts in a grocery store.

              2. This place just closed according to blogto.com.

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                  I guess the cult business is not as good as it used to be.

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                    A Pizzaiolo will be taking over this location according to notices in the window.