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Dec 30, 2011 03:42 PM

What Peruvian restaurant in Miami would you recommend to out of town friends?

Besides Chalan. Trying to stay near Kendall but would consider wider range. Except no Miami Beach.
What do you guys think?

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  1. In the Kendall area you have Aromas del Peru & La Perla del Rincon del Mar. Both small, hole in the wall type restaurants but serve excellent ceviches, chupe de mariscos, and other authentic fare. La Cofradia in the Gables is solid too. Cvi Che 105 in downtown and El Gran Inka in NMB are also very good.

    1. M2M U GOTTA TRY CV.ICHE 105 IN DOWNTOWN MIAMI. This may be the BEST restaurant of any kind here in the MIA today. I adore their Fish Ceviche with Aji will need a straw to suck up the "leche de tigre" juice at the end...or ask for a spoon!

      Lomo Saltado is solid as is their Causa, in fact I have not had a bad dish there. Check them out here: Buen Provecho!

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      1. re: netmover

        I discovered cviche 105 when it wasn't that popular. Walk in, get a table without a wait.
        Now, the last time I went about 6 weeks ago, it was a madhouse of people waiting to get in. Sigh.

      2. CV.ICHE 105 has long replaced Chalan as a Peruvian institution in Miami, in the affordable range. El Chalan actually have not been liked much ever since there have been newer crops of Peruvian restaurants, even on the beach. I wouldn't be surprised if they go out of business in the next few years, with the new Beach entrants such as Cevichery, Pollo El Goyo, and Mixtura (farther north).

        Meanwhile, I do know that many tourists still go to the Gables for Peruvian, particularly for Francesco. I do like La Cofriada, but it doesn't seem to be as popular outside of Miami. While Francesco is high end and supposedly "haute-Peruvian", it has a better and stronger reputation than El Chalan. Many times when I speak to Peruvians in other American cities about Peruvian restaurants in Miami, they always seem to mention Francesco.

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        1. re: mialebven

          I've heard the place in Surfside is "as" good, Adriana's? And Salmon Salmon is very solid too! Jaguar still has some of the best ceviche in town IMHO.

          1. re: netmover

            Jaguar isn't really "Peruvian" though, is it?
            The ceviche I had there was better than what I got at cvi.che 105, to be honest.

          2. re: mialebven

            Francesco has a sister restaurant in Lima, which may be why Peruvians mention it. I don't think there's much "haute" about it - that description might better apply to La Cofradia.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              @RX no it's not Peruvian it's a LATAM Grill run by Mexicans....but the Ceviche at Jaguar sure is gooooood!

              @FROD Francesco's is more fusion than haute. Peruvian with some Italian influence.

          3. Hi mom -- I have sent a request to my good friend who lives in Hollywood -- his SO is Peruvian. I'll let you know what he says. They are not on chowhound but they know what's good.

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            1. re: Bob W

              My friend says CVI.CHE 105 is his top choice; he also recommends La Cofradia (the most expensive), La Gran Inka, and Pardo's Chicken. Hope that helps!

            2. Las Totoritas in Doral.