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Dec 30, 2011 03:27 PM

Going to Coppa for the first time! What to order?

Mr. Swank and I finally settled on Coppa for our birthday fete, after toying with the idea of the North End (too crowded), the waterfront (too chain-y), or steakhouses (we don't have expense accounts). What are some don't miss dishes and, especially, cocktails? I noted an old thread on this topic, but I assume the menu has changed a bit since. I love eating adventurously and indulgently. Brains, livers, spices -- BRING IT ON!

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  1. At the moment, I'm not an adventurous eater (due to pregnancy - and I don't eat red meat anyway), but I have LOVED my meals at Coppa. I highly recommend: marinated cauliflower app, marinated mushrooms, any of the pizzas, Cavatelli di Pollo, and Manatelle e Astice... I'd recommend getting small plates for the pastas so that you can share.

    I wish that I could give you cocktail advice, but I've only eaten there during this pregnancy - in three weeks I'll be able to give you a better report! :)


    1. If the roasted peppers with feta is on the menu, get it. Sounds simple, but I crave it all the time.

      1. Some salumi and charcuterie (ideally the house-made stuff), meatballs with lardo, fluke crudo, farro, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, either a pizza or a pasta (or both) -- we like the bone marrow pizza and the white clam pizza, plus the carbonara with uni, the veal-brain ravioli, and the cavatelli with chicken sausage -- and the pig's tail.

        It's a beer/wine/cordial license, but there are some nice amaro-based cocktails and beer cocktails. We usually get one cocktail and then switch to wine.

        1. Avoid the clam pizza - i ordered it once and it was terribly over salty.

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            I was just going to post

            Yep, if you have high blood pressure, stay far away from the clam pizza. It's like they threw clams on and then thought "this should be SALTY because it's seafood", then dumped a crapload of salt on it too :-P

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              I've eaten over a hundred dishes at Coppa, and experienced oversalting once, fairly recently, on the usually well-seasoned cauliflower.


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                Seems like the clam pizza is more prone to this if two random people are posting about it seemed like a fair comment :-P

          2. Another vote for the meatballs - they're just about perfect. To my mind the slice of lardo on top is superfluous but it certainly doesn't hurt. The cauliflower app is also excellent, as are the arugula salad and the chestnut pasta. The one dud I've had was the "Sicilian fisherman's pizza". It's basically fried calamari with cherry peppers baked on top of a pizza, which to be fair is exactly what the menu says it is, but I figured there might be some hidden magic there. Not so, and the calamari ended up tough after all that time in the fryer and the oven. Everything else has been great though, drinks included.