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Dec 30, 2011 02:44 PM

Micucci's Pizza

Before trying out the Poutine at Duckfat we decided to stop into Micucci's grocery store to pick up some Italian food staples. I had heard about the pizza at the back of the store and up the stairs. This is true Sicilian pizza at it's best. Not the cracker thin crust NY style pizza. The crust was thick and airy and perfectly coated with this fresh, simple tomato sauce and just plain mozzarella cheese. It's sounds simple, but it was amazing. A huge square for $5. Best deal of the night. This is an old school italian grocery store, but don't miss the pizza.

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  1. You did one of my favorite lunch moves - Micucci's for a slab followed by the stroll across the street to Duckfat for fries and a shake. I usually stick to straight fries though I do like the poutine and wash it down with a shake. This is usually a two person job. I can't really refer to Micucci's crust as anything but "dough" because it's so wonderfully breadlike. I always try for a corner piece for more dough. The sauce is deliciously sweet with just a little cheese. I don't know if you had to wait in line but that's always fun - the anticipation while people put their pizza boxes together. Micucci's is truly a classic place. Don't forget to try their meats and cheeses and breads as well.

    1. I'm just echoing the supreme deliciousness of Micucci's pizza. I often have meetings in Portland, and I always try to schedule them around when I think I'll be hungry, yet not at peak lunch time (they are sometimes waiting for a new pie to come out of the oven, and waits can be up to 15-20 minutes). Heaven on a paper plate!

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        Micucci pizza is truly amazing. I also plan my trips past Portland to stock up on Italian groceries and for a slice. I have traveled far and wide in the US and Italy in search of great pizza. This is not you ordinary slice, but rather a unique take on Sicilian pizza. And don't forget to take home a sfogliatelle (a clam shaped flaky pastry) that compares well with the best of Naples.

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          I always make the mistake of eating my sfogliatella in the car on the drive home and lamely try to lie to my wife that I have no idea how I came to be completely covered with that flaky pastry and sugar.

      2. Yum! Got a slab to share last weekend and it was really good. Thick soft, chewy crust and fresh tasting sauce. Sadly, they were already sold out of luna bread, which I had been anticipating during the whole drive up to Portland. Followed the slab with fries with dipping sauce to share and a vanilla shake at Duckfat too.

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          Perfect. I usually then head over to the ER waiting room at Maine Med to digest just in case I go into cardiac arrest.