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Dec 30, 2011 01:36 PM

chile relleno

best chile relleno in LA?? More specifically, best chile relleno in SF Valley????

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  1. Not quite the SF Valley, but in Eagle Rock at Cacao Mexicatessen on Colorado Blvd. is, in my opinion, by far the finest chile relleno I have ever had in the greater Los Angeles region.

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      Oh, yeah, I've heard about Cacao's....will defiitely give it a try....thank you

      1. re: estone888

        Second Cacao -- it's by far the best I've found.

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          Not deep fried nor any breading at the Cacao Mexicatessen version right? I am fond of the chile relleno burrito at

          1. re: orythedog

            Right, just the incredible taste of a super fresh, perfectly roasted chile, great stuffing (cheese or other stuffings) and a sauce over it to die for.

        2. Dos Arbolito's makes a good one. For a new style relleno, try El Torito Grille at the SO Galleria -- they dust theirs with cornmeal for texture.

          1. I've only had it once, but thought the chile relleno at San Marcos Mexican Grill on Hazeltine was fantastic. It was a daily special, I believe on Thursdays.

            Outside of the SFV, I really like the chile relleno at The Talpa on Pico in West LA.

            The Talpa
            11751 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

            San Marcos Mexican Grill
            5937 Hazeltine Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91401

            1. My absolute FAVORITE Chile Rellenos are the mini ones from Antojitos Carmen.


              For one stuffed with meat, I love the one at Guelagetza.

              Then of course there is the famous babita Chiles en Nogada...


              1. Carirllo's Mexican Deli on Sherman Way, in Canoga Park, makes a great version. Not sure that they're on the menu every day, however.