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Dec 30, 2011 12:25 PM

Baltic Rye Bread--crave recipe

OK, whose got it?
Heavy, dense, NOT cake like.
Extraordinary sour-ish flavor & fabulous with unsalted butter.

I've gone through other recipes, but I don't think coffee & chocolate could be ingredients.
However, barley malt could be the sugar addition.

Made only with rye, not wheat?
I love the stuff & want to make it.


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    This is just one version of Lithuanian Baltic Rye Bread but it contains all the ingredients of a traditional loaf. sweetfern, good sleuthing on the coffee & chocolate notes!

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    1. re: HillJ

      straight to the point here, I LOVE HOW THAT looks and sounds.
      sour dough starter though, again, falls flat on me.
      it's a mystery I tell ya :(
      can you cheat and add yeast to your starter? or no?

      1. re: iL Divo

        The best cheat is to go to your local bakery or bread baker and buy starter from them.
        Making your own is super simple but it requires days ahead to prepare.
        Plenty of methods to make starter, if you're willing to go that route, iLD.

        1. re: HillJ

          Hill J,
          I checked prices at my local fancy bakery..... they carry Baltic rye, 2 loaves = $40.00.

          I'm now using a recipe from Secrets of a Jewish Baker.
          I've been reading. Barley malt is the original for which coffee/chocolate/ is the substitute.

          Bran cereal?


          1. re: sweetfern

            sweetfern, can you buy starter from the bakery? You are lucky they carry Baltic...but you'll enjoy making and saving on your own loaves :)

            Barley malt is one way, yes. I prefer controlling the coffee & chocolate myself.

            Bran cereal, I use oat or wheat bran and mill it at home to a fine grind.


            this CA bakery as Baltic rounds for $4.00

            and a version w/out starter (check it out iLD).

            1. re: HillJ

              I made it, haven't tasted it yet!
              Followed George Greenstein, used the barley malt.
              I'll tell you how it tastes later.


              1. re: sweetfern

                Wow, that was speedy! Good for you.
                Care to share the recipe/link?