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Dec 30, 2011 12:06 PM

What side dishes with scallops?

Cooking scallops tonight. I quite often sear them in butter, add some wine to the pan, lemon juice (or black vinegar), sliced almonds, capers, bit more butter to thicken. Nice but I'm never sure what to serve with them, except for the everloving green salad that my husband swears by, and maybe some saffron rice. Think I may do the beet with orange salad from Food 52, but what other things do you serve with your scallops?

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  1. Lemon risotto is my favorite, followed by mashed potatoes if the scallops are done simply with butter and thyme.

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    1. Lemon risotto or lemon orzo, serve scallops on a bed of sauteed baby spinach with the almonds and capers. Skip the salad.

      I like mine with a red pepper coulis and braised shallots on the side.

      1. Had scallops here last night, served in shell with a gratin of celeriac, oh my.

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            One of my favorite restaurants serves seared scallops on top of celeriac mash. So flippin' good!

          2. green lentils with red beets and balsamicvinegar. ans some bacon or lardons.

            i think your sauce would be great with wild rice pilaf too. add some almonds and cranberries.