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Dec 30, 2011 11:21 AM

Ideas for precooked shrimp that is not just a shrimp cocktail for NYE side dish/app

Found a good deal and got a lb of 21-30 ct shrimp, cooked with tail on. Looking for fun small dishes for NYE (just me and my husband and a stack of DVDs). Shrimp cocktail is obvious, but am in the mood for something a bit more creative/unusual. Not opossed to taking off the tail or chopping the shrimp up, if necessary...

Other things I am think of are: goat cheese with orange marmelade, crackers; chebe bread rolls, smoked salmon; smoked sausage in mustard sauce; other misc cheeses; minty pea dip
( ) ; a bowl of cherry tomatoes, and whatever else I might come across in the next 24 hours that sounds good.


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  1. It sounds like an odd combo, but I have made a dip that's essentially a tzatziki but with the addition of fresh spearmint and crumbled sheep's milk feta. Your choice as to whether to include cucumber or not. The shrimps pair nicely with the dip. At least this way you can leave them intact and with tails for handles. The minty pea dip could make a fine dip for the shrimp too.

    1. Chop up the shrimp and mix with diced celery. Toss with a bit of mayo, ketchup, lemon juice, hot paprika and s&p. Et voilá - shrimp salad.

      1. What about taking the tails off, cooking the shrimp, and chopping them and making a salad oyu can serve on endive leaves?

        1. Dust the shrimp with cayenne and lime juice, & put them on toothpicks with mango or avocado chunks.

          1. fresh spring rolls or fried rice.

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              def. spring rolls. light and easy to prepare.