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Dec 30, 2011 11:07 AM

Thanks to the Majority of Restaurants/Cooks/Waiters Who are Clean, But About Those who AREN'T...

Those few restaurants/staff who don't follow clean procedures and serve food that's been dropped on the floor, past its prime, spit, or put other bodily secretions into it are a cancer to the Industry. I and most of my family dine out a lot less now because of what has surfaced on the news off and on, and those of you that use dirty food handling practices are only screwing yourselves over, because if people stop coming to you (or your boss') establishment, you may have to kiss your job "Bye Bye".

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  1. I'm not sure what specifically you are talking about, but in all my years waiting tables, I have never seen a cook/waiter/bartender/busser screw around with the food. Never ever.

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    1. re: mtoo

      Neither did I in the ten years I worked in food. Not once. Ever.

    2. Actually, if you're dining out less now across the board because of the actions of a few isolated idiots (which I've also never seen happen in all my time in and around the industry), then we ALL might have to kiss our job goodbye. If it happens to you, then rightfully trash that place to your heart's content. But you're not helping anybody by deciding to not eat out at all because of stories you hear.

      1. You really could actually explain what you are talking about underdog or your point will be completely lost because most people can tell you that you are incorrect. I see that it's your first post here so you may have come here with this post for a particular restaurant, but...

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        1. re: Terrie H.

          I actually saw this on one of those shows that puts up hidden cameras in restaurant kitchens. Notice that I prefaced this by noting that this does not reflect on the majority.

        2. If what you say is really happening, do you truly believe it's a recent phenomenon? If you saw a news report on a cook who spit in someone's food, do you think this is something new? I'm not saying it happens all the time, but if it does happen, chances are it's happened before. Is there a specific incident that happened to you that is making you eat out less?

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          1. re: ttoommyy

            I don't know. I'm with those who have already chimed in . . . I worked in food places while in school and I never saw anyone ever compromise the food.

            Decades later I eat out often and never think about this . I think it's an urban myth?

            1. re: ttoommyy

              Again, it's based on one of those hidden camera shows. Also, my brother in law knows a few people who worked at Chinese buffets, and they claimed that they're especially notorious for hiring seasonal "help" that doesn't really care about the quality; that they routinely would put food that was dropped on the floor back into what is supposed to be served or put out there. I myself have had at least two incidents at restaurants where I drank out of a water glass and only too late after putting my mouth on it, discovered lipstick on the rim because they didn't wash it. Some places I've been to I've had to ask the waiter or waitress to give me a new plate because of obvious food specks left on it, so in my case its been more an issue of wondering how careful (or careless) they are in cleaning things. While most of the places I've encountered this were apologetic, I did receive a dirty look from the bus boy (who was obviously from a different place that doesn't have standards) for daring to politely refuse a dirty dish.

              1. re: UnderDogg

                "I myself have had at least two incidents at restaurants where I drank out of a water glass and only too late after putting my mouth on it, discovered lipstick on the rim because they didn't wash it"

                As someone who worked as a bartender for 6 years while in college, I have to disagree that "their was lipstick on the glass because they didnt wash it". You can run a glass with certain types of lipstick on it through the dishwasher 50 times and it wont come off. Its very common to pick up a glass from a rack that is fresh from the dishwasher and see that there is still lipstick on the glass. Sometimes when its very busy in low light conditions a glass with lipstick may occasionally slip by and get served. Its unfortunate, but its not because the glass wasnt washed, theres a lot of waterproof lipstick on the market now and it doesnt come off of glasses with normal washing procedures.

                1. re: UnderDogg

                  It's clear that you wish to believe this, tales from people who know people who heard from people crap. And what TV show has hidden camera deals? Chowser is right. If you believe in this sort of thing, you will never leave your house and slowly starve to dead because you could never get food delivered (OMG! what did the packing plant do to it? The delivery man do to it?) and could not even grow your own food because what is in the water? In the rain? there's microbes in the soil, slimy earthworms and bugs. But don't worry, the World ends this year! I saw that on TV and heard it from someone who heard it on TV too!

              2. It's a serious issue:

                The poor writer Elizabeth suffered for 5 years before she got the correct diagnosis: Parasites. "It can be transmitted by an infected person who has skipped washing his hands after going to the bathroom, then handled your food."

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                1. re: pdxgastro

                  lol "It can be transmitted......"

                  So she has no idea how she got it, but thinks its possible that she got it from eating in a restaurant. Gotta love the way media tries to scare the masses. Every restaurant Ive ever worked at is freakishly vigilant about following safety guidelines. If people get sick at your place you are more than likely going to have to close your business because people wont come to your establishment anymore. People do get sick from eating food sometimes, but people also get sick from touching doorhandles etc. To quote my servsafe instructor "Food safety and sanitation is better now that it has ever been since the dawn of civilization, and the human race has survived this long."

                  1. re: pdxgastro

                    One case where somebody picks up a virus that CAN be transmitted through poor sanitation, and suddenly it's a serious issue where people don't properly handle food?

                    If you're truly that paranoid and susceptible to overreaction, you have no business doing ANYTHING outside of your own home, much less dining out.

                    1. re: pdxgastro

                      5 years for a diagnosis? Seriously? I thought the states had great doctors, even our crummy ontario healthcare system caught parasites in me in 3 days(mind you I waited 4 weeks before I went in to get it checked) at a walk-in clinic no less. They even knew what type of parasite and it's origin (raw milk).

                      1. re: pdxgastro

                        It can also be transmitted by hands on your grocery cart, handles on doors, using a keyboard (one of the worst eye infections I ever had got was transmitted that way) many, many ways. If you listen to stories like that, sell all you own and party since it is 2012 and the world end this year! Idiots; what would we do for entertainment or politicians without them?