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Dec 30, 2011 10:38 AM

Time for a Post Holiday Detox!

Well Christmas is over, and my pants are a bit tight! I definitely had a bit too many pot pies, baguettes covered in pate and cheeses, mashed potatoes, and other heavy beige things. Now I'm trying to find some healthier fare that will still be filling enough for winter lunches and dinners. What's your favorite meal for when you desperately need something fresh?

As for me, I just threw together some garbanzo beans, julienned red bell pepper and red onion, sliced cucumber, and quartered vine-ripened tomatoes. Dress with extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and sheep's milk feta. Salt to taste, and it's actually a pretty great lunch.

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  1. Quinoa. Anything quinoa. Especially this:

    That and lentil salad. Black beans and whole wheat rice. And running. I know the feeling!!

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      That looks so good. I have lots of grains in my pantry. My newest one is amaranth.

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        This really is one of our favorite recipes. I'll have to try amaranth!

    2. Veggie beet borscht, sweet & sour cabbage soup, Ravi's apricot lentil soup, tabbouleh, clementines and fresh pomegranates get me back on track.

      1. I ate almost that exact same thing for close to a week after Thanksgiving! After Christmas, I made it again, this time with the blood orange olive oil my sister gave me for the holiday. SO good!

        1. Winter can be tough here in N. TX because you need something warm in your belly, but right now it is beautiful and today I was working horses in sunshine and 70 degrees! That can easily get me into the mood for healthy salads.

          I didn't over-indulge one bit over the holidays, in fact I barely ate anything. My problem has been stress over the past year, so that has put the weight on. I've taken some time off from work this week and I'm going to concentrate on exercise being the biggest focus of each day. Geting out and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and running, and then eating fun, nutritious food. I'm sure the weather will get miserable any day now, but in the meantime I'll take advantage of being outdoors.

          1. My favorite detox food is yogurt. A big bowl of skim yogurt, with beautiful fruit (persimmons right now), maybe some herbs (mint, thyme, rosemary basil), a drizzle of honey, maybe some nuts. A decadent yet light breakfast.

            Yogurt blended with cucumber, lemon and dill for a cool soup lunch. Or yogurt blended with avocado cumin and lime. With a green salad or some warm beans it's all I want to eat right now.

            I'm sort of obsessed with yogurt. I make my own and during the summer (or weeks like this when I feel gross) I eat 1/2 gallon a week.