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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

I have a friend coming to visit from out of town, and she's a self-proclaimed Chocoholic. So I'm hoping to gather suggestions for the very best chocolate dishes throughout the L.A. land.

For my purposes, I'm probably more interested in desserts (at restaurants and cafes, both high and low end, or at bakeries, or food trucks, or anywhere they're available) as opposed to confections (like truffles or artisan candies) although feel free to rave about those too.

Essentially looking for all of your very favorite chocolate-centric concoctions, hot or cold or somewhere in between. Anything that might appear in a real chocolate lover's dream.

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  1. Josie's chocolate bread pudding.

    2424 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

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    1. At Porto's: chocolate croissant, Parisian cake, Opera cake!

      Hot chocolate from Leonidas is a must for any chocoholic!

      1. Try Syrup in DTLA.

        From chocolate waffles, to chocolate crepes, to hot chocolate, to chocolate pastries, your friend can sample a cornucopia of chocolate desserts.

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          The chocolate-iest dessert I have had recently was at Milo and Olive. Zoe turned out a chocolate tort that was a beautiful, dense slice of the best chocolate ever. . Served with a big dollop of freshly whipped cream. I have no idea if it is available every day but it was on Tuesday. My husband, who is the great chocolate connoisseur, said it was one of the best chocolate desserts he ever tasted.

        2. The chocolate blackout cupcake at Sweet n Savory Bakery on Huntington in San Marino/South Pasadena.

          And the brownies ( I like their walnut brownies best, but they have oreo brownies that are good, too) at Big Sugar Bakeshop on Ventura Blvd in Studio City.

          1. The Langham does a chocolate afternoon tea. Personally, I haven't been because of schedule conflicts but plan to. Anyone else want to chime in?

            1. Also, Herrell's Hot Fudge which is from Northampton, MA can now be found at Whole Foods. It is the BEST and no HFCS. Put that over Carmela's Dark Chocolate Cacao Nib ice cream http://carmelaicecream.com/ice-cream-...

              1. Bistro Gardens Chocolate Souffle

                Angel Maid Bakery Chocolate Dobash

                Masa's Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding

                Cut's Chocolate Ganache

                more fun chocolate - K Chocolatier (for chocolate that.... ahem, puts you in the mood?), Teuscher (for champagne truffles), Edelweiss, Chocolatt... from Belgium

                Amandine Chocolate Croissant

                ...and my brownies.

                1. Anything from Madame Chocolat, or try the new Vosges boutique.

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                    If you can't get to the Vosges Boutique, try those chocolate, salt caramel bars by the check stand at Trader Joe. I think those bars are just under $2.00. Tastes exactly the same as the Vosges bar for 4x price. I know others who agree. Just sayin..................

                  2. Great suggestions so far.

                    1. Any other great chocolate ice cream ideas. in addition to Carmela's?

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                        Snoqualmie of Seattle Brand chocolate MUDD ice cream in pints at most Ralphs markets. Trust me. Fosselman's in Alhambra makes a dark chocolate ice cream that's pretty dang dark.

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                          Yes - Sweet Rose in Brentwood, and Coolhaus in Culver City (with other interesting flavors too, and fantastic hot chocolate).

                        2. The chocolate, chocolate, chocolate dessert at Melisse. It has four different items: (1) a chocolate souffle to which they inject Valhrona chocolate via syringe; (2) a white chocolate bon bon stuffed with chocolate semifreddo; (3) a chocolate-mocha mousse; and (4) a piece of chocolate peanut-butter which is like fudge on a crisp.

                          1. Incredibly intense, rich, super high quality chocolate brownies at Sweets for the Soul in Atwater.