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Dec 30, 2011 08:44 AM

Taco truck catering?

Getting married in Austin kind of a long way off in the spring of 2013. Probably 100-ish people at most. Just doing some research and wondering if anyone knows of taco trucks in Austin that will actually pull up to a reception venue and serve tacos from the truck. I've read a few things on the Los Angeles board where people have gotten trucks and paid by the hour and/or the number of people. Heard of anything like that?

I haven't been in Austin that long and haven't done as much taco exploration as I'd like to yet, but I'm into what I believe are called Jalisco style tacos, with flour or (usually) corn tortillas, meat or cactus filling, and onions, cilantro, lime, and salsa. One of my favorite spots is La Canaria at 51st and Airport. I haven't asked them about catering yet, mainly due to a lack of confidence in my Spanish skills.

I've found lots of places (Izzos, Taco Deli among I'm sure many others) that will bring trays of meat and other fillings and fixings for a buffet sort of thing, which would be delicious and not the worst thing in the world, but we think the actual truck would be memorable for us and for guests.

I'm interested in other types of trucks, too, if you happen to have recommendations for any that you know will do events. I've seen the link below, which is interesting, but 1) a lot of the places seem to want to bring trays (see above), and 2) they look like they're not necessarily what I'm looking for (see paragraph 2). The link also doesn't necessarily seem comprehensive in terms of the entire Austin food truck scene.

And finally, I did some searching on the board but was unable to find anything, so please accept my apologies if this has already been covered at length somewhere on the Austin board and I'll thank anyone in advance for a link to said coverage.

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  1. I don't think this topic has come up before... I think you may want to check out Dock and Roll. I know that they do catering but not sure about whether or not they serve from the trailer. I've only been twice and I know that they are moving but I can say that the lobster rolls are absolutely wonderful.

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      Thanks very much for the tip! Website says they will bring the truck out to events. I'll have to go try some of their stuff.

    2. Some friends of mine had a party this year and hired the Chilantro truck to cater it. They pulled the truck up and served just like they would on the street; it was pretty cool. Partygoers just ordered at the window and didn't have to pay, and I guess in the end the truck owners just gave my friends a tally of what they'd served.

      So that's an option, but it's Korean-Mexican fusion along the lines of the Kogi truck in LA– I'm not sure if that's something you'd be into, judging by your request for more authentic Mexican tacos. For that, maybe ask El Naranjo if they'd pull their truck up to your wedding.

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        I do find the Korean taco thing compelling. I may have even been to Chilantro once late at night. Good to know that's something they do.

        I also need to try Naranjo and look into that - been meaning to explore Rainey Street for a while now.

        Thanks very much.

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          Try this one. I'm also looking for trucks that will come to Georgetown. Haven't had time to do the research, but I have heard the Evil Weiner is very good. They park on The Square in GT on 2nd Fridays of the month.

      2. Torchy's does it. I believe you get to pick 3 tacos off the menu plus you can create and name a 4th special for your event.

        1. most any mobile truck will be willing to cater your event if the timing and money are right. Chi'lantro, Peached Tortilla, Coreanas, One Taco will all be willing. You can also do Evil Weiner who is great, another option is Bolla Pizza which will bring a pizza oven on a trailer to you and do the pizzas. Asian wise i can think of Me So Hungry that does catering. Another one that come to mind is Seedling Truck by Royal Fig. There are lots of choices depending on type of food you want.

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            I know Coreanos caters, and so does the Jalopy.

            1. re: brentwood

              Wow. Having checked out the menu, I need to get out and try the Jalopy. Thanks for the tips!

            2. re: mkfoodie

              Good call. Maybe I should not be wondering whether I'll find specific references to past occasions catered and just start getting in touch with people. Rolling pizza oven sounds phenomenal.