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Dec 30, 2011 08:38 AM

area restaurant revamps

Damn, I've been gone a long time now.

Working on a piece about revamping wine lists in conjunction with a menu-concept overhaul. Can any of my old pals (or anyone else) think of relatively recent examples in the Boston area?

Thank you!

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  1. I can't attest to whether their wine lists have changed, but Bina has gone through four or five chefs since it opened three years ago, each with a different take on Italian food. Sam's at Louis Boston did a major kitchen overhaul after less than a year, thank goodness. Om in Cambridge has also had a revolving door, with Patricia Yeo currently in (temporary) charge. Jason Bond left Bondir last year after years at the helm of Beacon Hill Bistro; I imagine the new chef has made some changes if not a dramatic overhaul (it's certainly the same concept).

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      Thanks Slim! Hey, what happened to that place that Yeo started at, across from Toro? Is it anything now?

      1. re: tatamagouche

        Originally Banq, renamed Ginger Park after Yeo started there, it's actually next door to Union, six blocks or so from Toro, and still vacant after closing a year ago. The rumor I heard was that the Lyons Group was considering buying it, which would mean a more nightclubby space, and unless it partners with a celeb chef, probably pretty dull bar-type food. But it would help the nearby restaurants if it weren't dark.

        I imagine that the upstairs condo resident who made life hell for Ginger Park -- they reportedly offered to buy the dude another, more expensive condo in the building higher up, so he wouldn't be offended by the noise, and he refused, likes to complain, I guess -- is still there, and that issue may be deterring potential buyers.