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Dec 30, 2011 08:11 AM

Help! I need "healthy" ideas for bake sale goods!

Years ago, I perfected the art of making 150 pretty cupcakes in only a few hours, for bake sales. However, we have an upcoming musical-related bake sale that will take place over a few days, (during intermissions of the show) and the school committee has decided that most of the sale goods should be "healthy" (not a well-defined term in this case.)

Another piece of the challenge is that since the musical is "Guys and Dolls", it would be fun to have some sale items that look like dice. So what I'm currently thinking is stuff like whole wheat banana bread in full-size loaves, slice them long way and then into smaller rectangles (dice), ice them with cream cheese frosting and put on six chocolate chips for the spots on the dice.

I could also do a whole grain unsweetened bread with cream cheese, but what would I use for the spots? Not capers -- kids will have to be willing to eat these.

Some kind of bar cookie, also dice-shaped?

These treats also have to be able to be made somewhat in advance and then held until sales time, plus transported from my home to the school. I used to use large foil trays for cupcakes; I could fit 30 cupcakes in one tray, with a heavy foil lid, and that worked very well during transportation. Since we live in the north, the closed containers with cupcakes just stayed frozen or very cold on my back porch, and the icing kept the cake part fresh.

Has anyone else faced this challenge? We used to raise seven hundred dollars during each intermission, which is a lot of money for the school's music programs, by selling cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc.

We will probably be able to sell some clementines or apples for fifty cents each, but I don't think anyone will buy carrots or celery.

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  1. i have not faced this challenge- but i have had luck in making banana bread "healthy" by using apple sauce and yogurt in place of some of the butter

    1. I would make banana cupcakes and carrot cupcakes, you could sub in 1/3 to 1/2 wholewheat flour for the ap and add some ground flax seed. Top with a light layer of cream cheese frosting. Oatmeal cookies with dried fruit and some mini chocolate chips and homemade granola bars or even individual servings of fancy trail mix in bags or cups should be popular with the kids.
      I don't know Guys and Dolls, so not sure how you could incorporate the theme.

      1. Just a thought -- dice are cubes, not rectangles -- maybe you're picturing a domino.

        Also the "Guys and Dolls" title would easily fit with gingerbread/anybread men and ladies.

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          Oh, so true about the shape! I guess I was thinking about dominos!

        2. My son's Grade Three teacher had the class make this quasi-healthy gem:
          Pumpkin Muffins
          6 cups flour
          2 T cinnamon
          4 t baking powder
          4 t baking soda
          2 t salt
          1-2 cups chocolate chips (might want to sub with dried cranberries)

          2C brown sugar
          2 C white sugar
          3 C vegetable oil (canola)
          1 28 oz tin pumpkin puree.

          Fold the wet ingredients together, Sift the dry together, then combine. Bake at 375 for 15 minutes. Makes around 5 dozen, using jumbo sized paper liners.

          My kids still snarf these down like there's no tomorrow. It's fairly forgiving--you could decrease the sugar a little bit. Also if I don't have a full tin of pumpkin I'll sometimes top up the can with applesauce. Use fancy paper liners and you'll sell out for sure! Good luck.....

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            Another version of pumpkin muffins (though I don't know how you could make these go with your dice theme):

          2. King Arthur Flour has some recipes for whole grain cookies & bars:

            Or maybe some muffins: . You could try making the blueberry muffins with some whole wheat flour to make them healthier.