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Dec 30, 2011 08:04 AM

Guahan Grill

Has anyone tried this place yet? Apparently it's Guamanian cuisine. Guahan being the word the indigenous people use for Guam.

Anyway, Amazon has a coupon that I was thinking of purchasing.

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  1. hmm, never heard "Guahan" used for indigenous people. A good friend of mine, who is indigenous to Guam, always refers to himself and others as Chamorro. Guamanian refers to those who live on the island but are not of Chamorro ethnicity.

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      "Guahan" is the Chamorro word for Guam.

    2. One of my employees is Guamanian (his parents and family are still there), he's a fabulous cook and has wonderful stories about growing up and eating in Guam. I can ask him if he's heard of this place or not. I'm guessing probably not since it's up in O'side, but it never hurts to ask. So far his take on the Guamanian places that have opened in SD in the last 10 years has been that they miss the mark by a mile.

      His chicken kelaguen is super delicious, we've had to add it to our catering menu :-)

      1. Go here! This place is sooooo good! I can definitely agree with how there's a hit or miss with some of the surrounding SD Chamorro food locations, but with Guahan Grill... OMG. It's out of the ball park. Awesome food, great prices, wonderful customer service. They also started doing sushi nights on Thursdays and have a really good happy hour! Beer, wine and sake too. Try it, you'll like it:)

        1. Good place. My sisters husband is Filipino so we get great Lumpia when ever our families get together and Guahan Grill's lumpia are a close second.

          1. The service is super friendly. I had their red rice with chicken kelaguen and it totally brought me back to my younger years living with my Chamorro family. I will definitely be back, and often.