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Dec 30, 2011 07:50 AM

Fish at Sichuan Gourmet Framingham

Hi All!

Have you tried the Fish Fillet with Napa Cabbage with Spicy chili sauce and the JingGu Fish Fillet? Which is better?

I've tried the first one, and loved it, but haven't tried the second one yet! What's the difference between the two preparations?


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  1. the jinggu one is in a LOT of thin red sauce/broth with broccoli underneath. It is the spiciest dish they offer.
    There is also the xiang la which is really good and served in a metal pan with celery underneath. It is lightly battered and deep fried with a dry spice much like the spicy dried chicken dish.
    The Napa one is more of a waterboiled prep served over napa with a wet sauce but not submerged in liquid like the jinggu one.

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      Thanks hargau! I've tried the Xiangla as well, and like it, but it seems a little too fried.. the napa cabbage one is delicious and fresh! which one do you recommend, the napa cabbage or jinggu for next time?

      1. re: chow_lover

        I like the napa one better. The jinggu is nice if you want something really hot but seems to be way too much broth for me, its almost like a soup yet isnt a soup. I also like the cabbage better than broccoli. The napa one you can get with any protein. Its good with chicken too. So you could technically go and get both styles. Get the fish jinggu and then get the napa with pork or chicken but fish is my fav way to get it.

          1. re: hargau

            Thanks to you both, I was inspired and went to SG Sharon yesterday and had the fish & Napa plus the bamboo shoots in spicy wonder sauce. Truly fantastic!

      2. We had a really unfortunate thing take place in the Framingham location last week. We had relatives in town for the holidays and took everyone there for lunch. Our 14 year old niece is a strict vegetarian. We ordered lots of food and beverages. We made sure to order many vegetarian selections so that she would have plenty to eat. One of the dishes we ordered was crispy tofu with cabbage and chili sauce. The dish came and was placed on the table and the server said this is the tofu. She began to eat it and turned to me and said are you sure this is tofu? I said yes she told us it was. About 15 minutes later a waitress came over and said there was a mistake and she brought the dish that was made with tofu because what they had brought her was chicken. She burst into tears and was hyperventilating. The manager never came to apologize to us. She has been a strict vegetarian most of her life. She was horrified by what took place. They brought the check and did not even remove the item from the check. Someone in our party who went to pay the check asked why no one came over to apologize to this girl who was clearly upset by it. We had to ask for the dish to be taken off the check. They did not even offer. That is all they did. Took one dish off and they acted to shy to come over and say something. That is pretty poor in my book and will not convince me to return. It was very insensitive and uncaring. Who would choose to leave a party that spent close to 200.00 in that frame of mind.