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Dec 30, 2011 06:33 AM

Little Moir's / Leftovers Cafe - Creative, Terrific Casual Seafood in Jupiter

Made my second visit to Leftovers Cafe last night with my wife.

Fun atmosphere, absolutely excellent service, wide craft beer selection, and a great selection of inventive takes on Florida / Carribean seafood with a few Asian / Indian touches.

Photos attached:

* Panko Fried Oysters over greens, mixed fruit, blue cheese, & sambal aioli. 5 out of 5 stars. A must get app. Good for sharing or actually it could be a light main. This is on regular menu.

* Cigar City Black Lager marinated Wahoo Ceviche w/ red wine vinegar, lemon, lime, honey + tempura banana. 5 out of 5 stars. (In the photo this is already half gone, could not wait). The tempura banana - off the chain. I think this app was a special.

* Ziti Special w shrimp, scallops, leeks, apple, mushrooms & sweet peppers in a roadted pecan sundried tomato cream / w blue cheese. 4 out of 5 stars. Excellent but after the previous two lighter dishes this was a bit heavy (we were already getting full). This was a special, main.

* Tandoori Grilled Scallops over papaya, sweet pepper, jicama salad w avacado coulis and arugula. 5 out of 5.

Any questions we had about our food, our server Jerit sounded like he was working in the kitchen. He knew every detail. All timing was perfect. Staff all look like they are having fun.

This may now be our favorite South Florida restaurant. (If you own or work in a restaurant (or are thinking of doing so), you may want to visit here and get some ideas on how to make your place even better).

Hat tip to Freaker for evangelizing this place so much I finally had to go.

More info, best bet is their Facebook page. They post new menu daily. The website is a bit of a mess. Open Mon-Sat 11AM-9PM.

Craft Beer Chalkboard
Panko Fried Scallops
Wahoo Ceviche
Tandoori Scallops

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  1. Wow, those pics!! You know I'm all about oysters, but the ceviche and scallops look amazing too! Is that a bar in the center of the pic where all those people appear to be standing? I want to make a trip up there soon. Last time I drove by they were closed, I think I was too early for dinner.

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      Yes, that is a small bar in the entry waiting area. You can eat at the kitchen counter and watch them make all the food. When they are busy, it is a sight to watch them work together. They are open for lunch and dinner every day except Sunday.

      Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm

      1. re: freakerdude

        Thank you, good to know. It was probably on a Sunday that I drove by.

        1. re: OysterHo

          This has been my favorite restaurant in PBC for the past 5 years now. I can honestly say between the both I have had over 50 meals and never once disappointed. From my dining experience in S. FL consistency is very hard to find in regards to food and service but they seem to hit it on the head everytime.

          1. re: clauzon1325

            Ditto....easily my favorite resto in all of Fla. I go there regularly and have never once had just an average meal. One day I will break away from the daily menu and try that lamb burger....

            For some reason, my original thread on Leftover's has disappeared from Chowhound Miam-Ft Laud and the Florida boards.

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              We should do a chowhound meet up there!

              1. re: OysterHo

                yes maybe a Sunday so we have time to get there from PBC.

                The place sounds great I would love to try it

                1. re: smartie

                  They are closed on Sunday, so Saturday or Friday even.

        2. re: freakerdude

          I look forward to dining at the counter during a rush someday. I want to see how in the world they turn out all those covers with that big varied menu (and much of it daily specials). And they must have prep folks working practically 24x7.

      2. Tim Lipman, the head chef, will soon be opening up his new place called Coolinary Cafe at the southwest intersection of Military and Donald Ross Rd next to Mr. Zhang's. It is a farm to table concept.


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          Just checked the menu.

          They had me at the first line

          Smoked Pork Belly BLT

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            Been going to Food Shack since it opened as I was lucky enough to grow up in Jupiter and never once had a bad experience. It is the seafood restaurant that I compare all others to, though Oystercatchers in Tampa is solid, just a different style (read high end dining and the fish stands alone).

            Been to Coolinary Cafe now a few times and likewise, always very good. Unique take on chicken and waffles that were light with a sweet citrusy glaze instead of overpowering syrup. Rabbit tacos were just a touch gamey, which I loved, with a great cabbage slaw. Awesome beer selection for such a small joint.

          2. I have been to Lefotvers and Food Shack many times. I prefer Leftovers simply because it has better parking and is a bit closer for me.