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Dec 30, 2011 06:02 AM

Cape Cod in January

We're heading to Yarmouth for a couple of days (nice Christmas gift!), Wondering if there are any local mid-cape gems we should seek out. Warning: my wife is gluten intolerant.

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  1. Geez....a gluten-free gem deep in the off-season in the culinary wasteland known as Yarmouth. That's not asking too much!

    Try Ocean House in Dennis. Call first to see if they are open in January. Probably closed for the season. Inaho in Yarmouthport does a nice job with sushi and Japanese cuisine. Alberto's in Hyannis for excellent upscale Italian-American. Also, Pain D'Avignon for excellent french bistro food at night. Blue Moon, Red Pheasant, and Fin on 6A in Dennis are also noteworthy. You'll have to ascertain for yourself how gluten free their menu options are.

    Tip: I'd avoid EVERY restaurant located on Rte. 28 in Yarmouth (Except Keltic Kitchen for B'fast). There is not a single one worth a visit and most are downright horrible.

    Good luck.

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Geez....a gluten-free gem deep in the off-season in the culinary wasteland known as Yarmouth. That's not asking too much!



      1. re: AsperGirl

        okay haven't been but IDGY’s Gluten-Free Dining 23 Whites Path, South Yarmouth, MA 02664-

        508-694-7451 might be worth a try. phone ahead to make sure its still in operation. would like to know what you think of it if you go. otherwise I am sure capecod guy knows.

        1. re: chauncy19

          Idgy's has some good reviews on Yelp but it's a fast food sort of place in a strip mall..not sure that's what you are looking for? EVERYTHING I love is closing tonight..Ocean House, Fin, Harvest Wine Bar...why not try Red Pheasant..the fire is nice, the bar is great..Hangar B for breakfast would be nice.

          Whilst I am not on a gluten free diet many clients I know are and seem to be able to dine most anywhere. I think most all menus have gluten free items unless your wife cannot be in the same room with gluten, the Idgy's is the only place.

          1. re: phelana

            Yes Idgy's is in a strip mall location near to Ardeo's restaurant but some how I don't think of gluten free as fast food. Have no idea about the place as I have never been there but have a real hard time with labeling the place fast food type of place.

          2. re: chauncy19

            Never stepped into the place so I can't help. I do know where it is though and it looks like a typical strip mall b'fast/lunch place with formica tables. Menu is not exactly inspiring either, but it is what it is:


            Not exactly the culinary "gem" the OP is looking for.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Don't disagree about the looks of the place but its the only place that advertises gluten free. As we all know though "looks" can be deceiving. Since no one has been there I do find it a bit off putting about "opinions" including my own.

              1. re: chauncy19

                Totally agree about the perils of judging a book by it's cover, BUT, one look at the menu and I'm quite uninspired.

                British Beer Co. offers a gluten free menu, but unless the OP is looking for basic pub grub that can be found anywhere, I wouldn't recommend it either.


                There are many other gluten free options in most of the Cape's better restaurants, albeit one has to be selective when ordering.

          1. re: kara2006

            Yes, not a big fan. My impression is of a basic red sauce joint where the sauce is uninspired and the pasta of the cheap boxed variety. It's an okay choice for family dining, however, but not a huge step up from Olive Garden. When I want really excellent Italian American food I go to Alberto's or Tomatoes in Sandwich. I do want to try Norabella as I hear good things and it sounds authentic.

            1. re: CapeCodGuy

              Totally off the thread but you have steered us to great restaurants that we had never tried - Jim's Hideaway, for example. We've been Truro devotees, but circumstances have moved us toward Yarmouth, so this is a good guide for the future. We love Alberto's too.

              1. re: kara2006

                Norabella is a must..I do like Girardi's eggplant parm and Wed. nights, Fred Fried plays..