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Dec 30, 2011 01:57 AM

Informal crab feast menu???

I'd love some ideas for a menu built around cracked crab - one per person for the six in attendance. What do YOU like in that situation?

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  1. Do a search on sfgate recipes for "frogmore stew" for great one pot meal for a crowd. However, after hostessing a dozen or so crab feeds, I've found that people tend to be completely focused on the crab, so this year we just kept it simple: different dipping sauces (singaporean chili, thai curry, garlic/ginger/scallion oil), boiled potatoes, bread, green salad, and potluck wine/dessert. Oh, and get extra crab for greater happiness.

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      Several really good ideas here - best is the artichokes, which I will definitely be doing! Any thought about an appropriate dessert that can be mostly completed the day before or that morn? Thanks, all!

    2. Melted butter, aioli, crusty bread, steamed artichokes.

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        That's exactly what we've always done.

      2. Some people do stuff with the crab "butter".

        1. Here's my standard routine.

          -- curried carrot soup (adds color and heat to the meal) with sourdough garlic toast.
          -- a large cold steamed artichoke for each participant,
          -- cold hollandaise sauce* (for both the artichoke and the crab
          -- seasoned rice vinegar for dieters
          -- cracked crab

          * cold hollandaise sauce: make some hollandaise; bring to room temperature; add about half as much sour cream; add mustard to taste.

          1. For Christmas Eve we had steamed crabs with melted butter, garlic bread, and green beans. Everyone enjoyed it.