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Dec 29, 2011 11:34 PM

Cocktails at Chez Henri recently?

I was just catching up on some year-old posts on the Spirits board, and was disappointed to see talk of the cocktails at the bar at Chez Henri taking a nosedive. Apparently the two good bartenders they had are gone? I was intending to go again soon, but might skip it if they haven't gotten back up to speed by now. Have things improved recently at the place that used to make the best periodista in town?

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  1. When we went about a year ago, I got one of the worst Periodistas I had ever drank. It was made with such disregard for careful bartending techniques and handed to me like I didn't matter. We have not gone back and may never go back as a result. I know that Rob "Not Kraemer" Iurilli now runs the bar at Abigail's in Kendall. Bar manager Rob Kraemer had reasons to take time away from the bar and I am not sure if he returned.

    As for Periodistas, Eastern Standard still has it on the menu and I believe that Clio does too. And Devin Hahn's Periodista Tales site did a good job of discussing the drink across Boston.

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      I actually had a very good Periodista at Casa B, a new tapas place in Union Sq. Also saw the bartender make a Pisco Sour for another customer, who said it was delicious.