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Dec 29, 2011 08:27 PM

Chicken stock from roasted carcass - will flavors from roasting appear in the stock?

Hi -

I generally use a value package of wings to make stock, and it turns out great - gels nicely, has good flavor. I'll also use backs from chickens that I butterfly or cut up before roasting, but I have been reluctant to used cooked bones because I rarely roast a whole chicken with just salt and pepper and other "normal" stock ingredients - I tend to use strong flavors like garlic or lemon. In particular, I use a Cook's Country recipe for lemon roasted chicken when I have dinner guests pretty frequently, and it calls for a butterflied chicken to be roasted on high heat submerged up to the thighs in a stock and lemon juice mixture. I'd like to be able to use the carcass that's leftover for stock purely out of economy, but I'm concerned that the resulting product will have a lemon flavor. Same issue with very garlicky roasted chicken. Thoughts?

Thanks for your input all!

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  1. I don't see anything wrong with a lemony or garlicky stock, especially since those flavors are going to be very diluted. It would be a crime to throw the carcass out, simply because it's not bland.

    1. Yes, the flavors will carry over.

      Some people prefer it that way; others don't.

      Personal preference.

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        That's what I figured. If I had inordinate amounts of freezer space, I'd make the stock and save it to re-use for certain recipes, but city condos don't usually have room for chest freezers :). I'll stick to using wings. I actually came to using those through trial and error looking for stock that would gel, and when I told my mother (who uses a whole fresh chicken), she said that my Italian grandmother always made her stock from wings only - I have to admit I was proud that I arrived independently at the same method as my grandma.

      2. It will- just plan on using that stock for something that will benefit from the lemon flavor. I made killer risotto with some lemony stock. Avgolemono comes to mind, use it to cook rice or couscous, pan gravy for chicken with some capers sprinkled on top, lots of things!

        1. I have never had a lot of success making stock from the carcass (plus skin and roasted wings). Unless I also add some raw chicken parts to the stockpot, the result is gelatinous, but grayish in color, and needs to be reduced, to the point of not being worth the effort, to have enough chicken flavor.

          1. Using raw bones is considered a white stock. Roasting the bones is a brown stock. Yes, the flavors do transfer a little, but you can also roast the bones with a little tomato paste for an even deeper, richer flavor.