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Dec 29, 2011 07:32 PM

Sambals...what to do with them?

How do you eat sambals? ie: the southeast asian condiment which is often made with fresh chilis and ground with a mortar and pestle. Do you mix it ih with the rice, dip your chicken into it? What do you do with it?

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  1. You normally put the paste to the side of the plate and put some on your spoon with every bite you eat, so you can make it as hot as you wnat. You don't mix it through all your food in one go.
    In most SE Asian food you put the rice at the center of the plate and bits of the different dishes (and condiments) around it. You then put whatever combination on your spoon and eat it. Don't mix up all the dishes!
    Sambal oelek (or ulek) can be used for cooking as well. Just fry it like you would do fresh chili's, with onions and garlic and turn into nasi goreng or so. It might make you cough and sneeze though!

    1. What butzy said. :) The milder sambals make nice dipping sauces for fried foods like fish and tofu. It also goes well with Chinese style white-cooked chicken, or grilled meats. A large spoonful of sambal olek mixed into one's stir-fry is delicious, too.