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Dec 29, 2011 06:19 PM

Palm Springs and vicinity suggestions

Spending 2 nights in Palm Springs right after New Years. We tentatively thought we might hit a casino buffet at dinner and a nice, upscale lunch in PS or any of the surrounding desert cities, such as Rancho Mirage etc.

Which casino buffet would you suggest?--we like Valley View and Barona in San Diego.

Which , if any, of the upscale restaurants have a mid-week lunch worth going to?

Considering Cheeky's for breakfast, Murph's for fried chicken and Johannes for Wiener Schnitzel. Advice?

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  1. This question always seem to bring a lot of blank stares for responses. However, every once in a while someone provides more in depth answers so a search for those past posts will give you some direction. This is not known as a culinary landmark area and one is often forced to choose which chain restaurant is better than another. We found City Wok to be pretty good in Palm Desert.

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      We're heading for Palm Springs Tuesday for our 7th annual visit. We think Johannes is just about the best restaurant in the area For breakfast, Norma's at the Parker Hotel can't be beat. Always interested to hear about new places.