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Dec 29, 2011 06:11 PM

~ The Ongoing Problem of Culinary Customs -- Does anyone know of a site where you can find recipes based on flavor profile? ~ [moved from General Topics]

So you can pick the tastes (lightly sweet) and flavors (foral note) you like, and it would list recipes based on that :)

Fascinating backstory..... (very boring and dry honestly)

I got this idea after having asked two subsitutation questions:

And it seems clear that the only reason why I am forbidden to substitute, or exclude an ingredient is if I wanted a "unique" taste, which I cannot appreciate (see http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/823224 ) Someone wrote "I would not use a cream sherry with a seafood dish." Now is this custom, or does the seafood dish taste awful if you did? Because if it tastes good or interesting, I would.

A lot of people seem to cook based on custom (or what we were taught). You all know that certain sauces go with certain dishes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sauces#E... ) or certain wines accompany certain foods. All of this is custom. Taste is subjective.

I believe in a perfect society, people would cook based on what Tastes yummy. We live in a society that believes there is a "right' way to cook when the reality is that there isn't. Following a recipe is the "right" way to do it, but the final dish isn't necessarily any "better" than a comparable dish without certain ingredients, the final dish was just "different".

Most, if not all, customs are like this, and as for culinary customs, they make all cooking-related things complicated and painstaking. They decrease pleasure ='( They make me sad. And they make my future children (whom wants to play with their food, and make castles with spaghetti) equally sad. They want to put honey-scented orange juice where the recipes demand coco butter. Is that not okay? Does this offend your beliefs, habits, and way of life? You're full of advices and opinions (don't eat red meat or any animal by-products because vegan is the humane way to go!). But.. but why must you make cooking not joyful and fun?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. i'm a bit confused by the premise of your post - you ask for a source for recipes, and then go on to basically make the argument that recipes are restrictive and unnecessary.

      but yes, what you want is Yummly...

      for the record, the search feature on any decent recipe site will allow you to plug in a few keywords...and then it will spit out a list of recipes for you.

      1. Billions of people cook food every day and have done so for thousands of years, so most combinations have already been tried. Some have been considered successful (i.e., yummy) and those recipes have been carried forward.

        The same with cooking techniques. So the "right way" to cook is not really a custom, but more a collective trial and error experiment, with a very long history.

        If you want to try different flavor combinations, you can. No one is stopping you, you may eventually discover something fantastic.

        But if you are asking for advice on this forum, people will likely advise you towards something that has proven to be good.

        Cooking is joyful, because we make food for the enjoyment of our friends and family, and we want it to be the best we can make. Sometimes that requires us to adhere to a complicated and painstaking recipe, sometimes we get lucky and create something with the ingredients that we have at hand.

        1. Identifying flavor profiles goes hand in hand with developing and increasing your palate. You should concentrate more on the latter so YOU can identify FP's.

          Furthermore NO ONE is forced to adhere to a recipe verbatim. What are you ranting about?!

          1. The original comment has been removed