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Dec 29, 2011 06:10 PM

Meeting for dinner around exit 3/4 turnpike

Any suggestions? We live in north Jersey and want to meet family from Delaware for a school night dinner. Nothing fancy...diner or Italian is fine. Just don't want it to be too complicated trying to find it in the dark (old eyes), so I would like it to be easy to get to from the TP or even 295.
Thank you everyone!


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  1. Right off exit 4 is the Sage Diner. Easy on and off for both of you. After exiting the turnpike, get onto 73 South (bear left after toll booth). Sage Diner is down about 3/4 mile on right side. Not the very best diner I've been to, but certainly easy on/off with decent food. If you do go, note that you should exit out the back entrance of the diner to make the u turn to get going again north towards the turnpike. There is also an On the Border and a Macaroni Grill just through the light at the Sage Diner. You can get back onto the turnpike in just minutes from any of these locations

    A bit further south is a good Italian restaurant La Posata, also on Rt 73 (but on the northbound side) I'd say it's about 4 miles or so south of the turnpike entrance in the shopping center at Greentree Road and 73. This shopping center has a Whole Foods market and getting there does involve a jughandle. It's byob, but very good.

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      Thanks mschow. We went to the Phily Diner on the Black Horse Pike not far from Exit 3. Food was ok, service very nice, prices inexpensive.

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        You're welcome. I didn't suggest anything off of exit 3, as it gets extremely congested along the pike there, and it's only a 2 lane road to deal with all that traffic. Not very many good options off that exit either.