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Dec 29, 2011 05:51 PM

What would you do with 14 frozen eggs?

I pushed my extra holiday eggs to the back of the fridge, where they partially froze due to the HUGE amount of extra food in my holiday larder. Suggestions? I wouldn't have to use all of them at once.........

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  1. I would thaw them four or five at a time, hard-boil them, and make potato salad.

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      I know from experience that if you crack raw eggs into a container and freeze them thusly, when thawed the white will be liquid but the yolk will have congealed into a solid sphere that remains so. I suggest thawing and opening one egg to see what it looks like. If they didn't get TOO cold, there may be no harm, no foul. (I REALLY wanted to type "fowl", but resisted the pun.) Otherwise I agree with GH1618, as I can't think of much to do with solid raw yolks, other than making Cook's Illustrated Sable cookies, which calls for ricing hard-cooked egg yolks. In that case you could refreeze your whites for future use and nuke the yolks on low power to cook them through.

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        Will do, thanks! Just so happens I received the big CI cookbook for Christmas......opportune! If they are too sketchy after I thaw the first one, then my sweet canine friend can have one a day until they're gone.

    2. Crack them and freeze completely. If you freeze two at a time that's usually enough for a recipe. Let thaw in the fridge or at room temp til they just start to melt.

      1. I don't know - something weird happens to eggs when they freeze. The yolk goes all rubbery and never turns out right even after it thaws completely. You might be able to hard boil them (as GH suggests) but I've never bothered trying. We have chickens and in the winter sometimes the eggs end up left outside in a bucket where they freeze solid. I usually throw them away or feed them back to the, er, chickens.

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          I won't tell PETA if you don't :-)