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Aguachile - Tulum

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Just wanted to put out a very brief recommendation for Aguachile in Tulum as it seems (from a quick search) there's no mention of it here. Mr.Scarmoza and I shared an order of "original aguachido-habenero-mixto" and it was so fresh, not too hot at all - but full of flavor. It might otherwise serve 3 (or maybe more) people with smaller appetites- but after a day on the beach, we were hungry. We also shared a very zesty assortment of raw vegetables. We hear the tacos are fantastic, too.

Ambiance is stylish and casual. Very friendly and attentive service. Closes at 6:30. On the main strip, just a block or so down from the muy popular El Camello Jr. and on the same side of the road. Friend them on facebook for more info.

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