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Dec 29, 2011 04:58 PM

casual lunch in Santa Barbara

Surprised to be having some trouble finding good recs here on the board. Any thoughts about casual lunch on a weekday in Santa Barbara or Montecito? Love Super-Rica if I'm in the neighborhood. Italian? no. Other than that foodwise, the only thing I care about is food with FLAVOR - easy enough to drive to any location. Maybe keep the cost under $60 for two if possible. thanks!

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  1. Thoughts about Los Agaves? Los Arroyos (downtown or Montecito)?

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      These restaurant have there fans and they are okay. I have a rule about Mexican restaurants that brag they don't use lard, the same way I have a rule about Chinese restaurants that brag they don't use MSG. I stay away. For Mexican casual, I would stick to La Superica or Super Cuca's on the Westside. El Bajio on Miplas Street again has many local fans but I have not been there myself.

    2. You should really post this on the California board, not the Los Angeles area board. Good Luck.

      1. Sorry, not clear ..was that yes or no to Italian? If yes, Tre Lune in Montecito is great for lunch on Coast Village Road. Via Maestra 42 on Upper State has molto autentico deli type items with small tables. My personal must have favorite is getting the ambitious and delectable antipasto plate and dessert with espresso at Ca Dario on Ancapa at East Victoria in downtown near the courthouse.

        A local favorite for lunch is Stella Mares in a compromise location between Santa Barbara and Montecito on the Clark Bird Refuge waterside. A short drive into Carpinteria opens up even more casual lunch possibilities and well worth the drive. Linden Avenue is the heart of town and poke around and see what looks good.

        Here is a list of deli type casual places around town:

        1. Thanks all. We did end up at Los Agaves and really enjoyed it. Cochinita Pibil; chili verde con puerco; and a poblano stuffed with carnitas and cheese. delicious salsas. Will gladly return the next time I'm in the neighborhood.