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Dec 29, 2011 04:55 PM

Best Fish Tacos downtown?

I am coming to SD for one day to see this:

Any recs for fish tacos downtown? Or anything else unique to SD in that general area? ( I live in Los Angeles)

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  1. This question has been asked a million times. Use the search function and I'm sure you'll find lots of information.

    1. There's a great taco truck just up the hill from downtown. Mariscos Beyer, at the corner of 22nd and Imperial. That's pretty much it for good fish tacos near downtown, IMO.

      1. When I worked downtown, I would go to Lucy's Taco Shop on C Street between 1st and 2nd for fish tacos somewhat regularly. It's a pretty typical SD taco shop - i.e., not particularly noteworthy - but I found the fish tacos to be made fresh and tasty and it's a pretty easy walk from MCASD. Fair warning: I haven't been there in about a year and a half. Also, I'm not sure of its weekend hours as it mostly caters to downtown office workers.

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          It's been a few years since I was down in that area but when I worked on 2nd and Broadway I was a big fan of The Downtown Fish Joint on C between 4th and 5th.

          1. re: Katherine H

            Lucy's Taco Shop isn't a typical San Diego taco shop - its an outstanding example of a San Diego taco shop. I never had their fish tacos, but my God, the hot sauce is perfect. Perfect.

            1. re: jmtreg

              Big fan of Lucy's. Not a big fan of Lucy's fish tacos - last time I ate one could swear it was a fish stick deep fried out of the box.

              Closed weekends. And closed evenings.

              Yeah, their hot sauce is perfect. Ask for the green they keep behind the counter. Might be better than the red even...

              I'm still looking for a goof fish taco D-town. Usually just hop in the car and hit the Mariscos German truck in South Park or Benny's in Golden Hills.