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Maine Shrimp 2012... Can't wait!

Happy New Year All!
Anticipating the Maine shrimp harvest with baited breath.

Gather that the State cut the season short this season for various reasons...

Believe the season starts Jan. 1 this (next) year. If that's the case, any clues where we might be able to find some of these beauties, preferably with heads and roe, west or north of Boston?

We've never had the time to make a pilgrimage to the mid coast Maine region to do the Route 1 back of the pickup thing, but hoping someone knows of a source closer.

Also, anyone have foolproof preparation method?



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  1. Got some from Courtyard last year head on, still jumping. I cook them salt and pepper style. Coat in cornmeal, stir fry with chopped garlic, jalapeno, sweet peppers.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      do you mean Courthouse, and if not, where is Courtyard?

    2. I just eat them raw, ama-ebi style with a little rice, soy sauce, and wasabi. I'd imagine they'd also be good boiled in seawater like the Norwegian fishermen do it on their way back to port.

      Courthouse and New Deal in Cambridge both have the head-on ones regularly, but call ahead, as they also regularly run out.

      1. Here's an article from boston.com on this year's restricted season:


        1. David's Seafood on route 1 in Salisbury carries them.

          1. any news on where to find them? tried to order at legal some
            days back and was told that all their shrimp is frozen and that for some reason basically no restaurant would have local shrimp.

            downtown boston would be best, downtown portland a good alternative.

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            1. re: Scharn

              Whole Foods has carried them the last few years, though that's in NYC, not Boston. Glad to be forewarned about the limited supply.

              1. re: Scharn

                Last year I saw them @ Whole Foods in River, Courthouse, and New Deal. Try giving them a call.

                  1. re: typhoonfish

                    the first batch is usually the most expensive.

                  2. re: viperlush

                    thanks! any restaurants that serve them? I'm staying in a hotel.

                    1. re: Scharn

                      If anyone has them, today will be their first day on the menu, so it'll be tough to point you in the right direction. I'd check Island Creek Oyster Bar, Hungry Mother, Rialto, and others that served them last year.

                      Alternatively, you could buy some shrimp, some nori, and some soy sauce from New Deal (or Whole Foods near MGH) and buy a side of rice from a sushi place and DIY sushi in your hotel room. A six pack of beer would accompany it nicely. Classy? Maybe not, but you'll get a feast for a small price. :-)

                      New Deal Fish Market
                      622 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02141

                      1 Bennett Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

                      Hungry Mother
                      233 Cardinal Medeiros Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02141

                      Island Creek Oyster Bar
                      500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

                      1. re: emannths

                        thanks for the suggestions, just called island creek and they do NOT have them and say they don't know if they will ever get them...

                      2. re: Scharn

                        If the Courthouse has them, you can buy them in the market, and have them cooked for you in the restaurant next door. Cost is $2 lb for the cooking. Beware, the restaurant closes at 7pm so you have to get there early.

                    2. re: Scharn

                      Just got this email from Dave's Pasta

                      SWEET MAINE SHRIMP ONLY $8/lb!!

                    3. FYI, the quota this season is 1/3 of last year. The season will be short and the the shrimp much higher priced in recent years and harder to find.

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                      1. re: bobbert

                        Any reports of Boston-area sightings and prices?

                        1. re: emannths

                          I'm up in Maine - Harbor Fish, Portland is advertising fresh peeled Maine shrimp at $9.99 lb. The fishing is only allowed 3 days each week - I believe M,W,F only. Might see something in the next couple days.

                          1. re: bobbert

                            they are WAY smaller this year too. So they'll cook in seconds.

                            1. re: typhoonfish

                              The ones that I got at Harbor Fish on Tuesday were good sized. In fact, my wife remarked that they were larger than usual.

                              1. re: Wineack

                                We're getting a 110 ct per lb this year instead of last years 90s.

                      2. Just got some at the Washington St. WF in Newton. $7.99/lb and they seemed sizewise about what I recall them being last year.

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                        1. re: Science Chick

                          At WF in NYC today they were $5.99/lb, like last year, and pretty much the same size as last year.

                          I know that Newton is upscale but I wouldn't expect that price differential from Manhattan, hardly known for grocery bargains.

                          1. re: Kantarell

                            Well that is really annoying! Especially considering that they have to travel farther to get from Maine to NYC rather than Boston! On a separate note, though, I don't usually find grocery prices in NYC to be worse than here......sometimes better! Depends where you shop, but when visiting I often pick up things at Fairway cheaper than here. Maybe many items may go through NY first before distributing elsewhere? More competition?

                        2. Plenty in the window at New Deal around lunchtime today...

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                          1. re: emannths

                            $4/lb w/heads at New Deal. $6/lb w/o heads at Somerville MB. $8/lb w/o heads at WF. Happy eating.

                            1. re: emannths

                              We got them at Whole Foods on Prospect Street (headless, with shells). My first experience with Maine Shrimp, and they were excellent. They have had a good-sized pile two weeks in a row, and seemed very fresh.

                              1. re: emannths

                                My local Shaws had them ~$7/lb.

                                1. re: okra

                                  Market Basket has fresh Maine headless shrimp on sale starting this Sunday Jan. 15th for $4.99 a pound.

                            2. Garden at the Cellar in Cambridge has them heads-on, salt & pepper style as a $10 small plate, but I definitely heard that they expect the season to be short this year.

                              Garden At the Cellar
                              991 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138

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                              1. re: CStalder

                                and it has already started later than last year.

                                1. re: CStalder

                                  I spoke with the people up here in Maine (Harbor Fish) and at the rate things are going and the reduced limit this year they are guessing the season might end at the end of January. It could go into early February depending on the weather. As they can only fish Mon, Wed, and Friday, if the weather is especially bad on those days, the fishing boats may not go out - pushing the season out a little longer. There is actually some concern that the boats might risk going out in the bad weather so as to not miss a day during the shortened season.

                                2. Try Intershell in Gloucester , they had native shrimp last season . Very fresh and at a decent price.

                                  1. Fisherman's Cooperative Seabrook, NH

                                    They pile them on the floor...

                                    Great flounder too

                                    1. Just went to conollys in Gloucester Fresh native shrimp for $2.95. Open Sat 8-1 closed Sun.

                                      1. Some initial good news for quota reporting (week ending Jan 6) indicates longer season than originally expected. Fishing days are M/W/F (weather permitting). Shrimp are a little smaller than last year.

                                        NHIAF delivers to your door in NH

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                                        1. re: RimrackFish

                                          just picked up two pounds at Whole Foods in Fairfield, CT. 6.99/lb. not very big. he told me I just missed the sale, 4.99/lb.

                                        2. I've been getting them at the Quarterdeck in Maynard for $4.99/lb head on. I think that's a little more expensive than last year. Just had some Friday night and they were fabulous.

                                          to the OP - my foolproof preparation method is based on a peel-and-eat shrimp recipe I saw once from Jasper White. I'm not even sure anymore how close my recipe is to his, but here it is:
                                          For 2 people:
                                          2 lb Maine shrimp
                                          2 chopped inner celery stalks, the more leaves the better
                                          1 chopped shallot
                                          1 bay leaf torn in half
                                          1 small lemon, thinly sliced
                                          1 T. Old Bay
                                          1 t. kosher salt
                                          Mix all of the above together in a bowl and let sit for 10 minutes. Meanwhile bring 1 beer and a good glug of cider vinegar to a boil in a large stockpot with steamer insert. Add the shrimp and rest of the bowl contents, cover, and steam for 3 min. Stir, and steam for another 1-2 min. They're perfect and don't even need to be dipped in anything.

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                                          1. re: MrsCheese

                                            Maine shrimp--those little gems. I had the good fortune to enjoy a special appetizer of the shrimp over polenta at 62 Restaurant in Salem, MA last Saturday (Jan. 28). Again, this dish is *not* on the regular menu so it's a long shot. Just grin at your good luck if they offer it as a small plate ("spuntino") at dinner.

                                          2. Saw some last night in Whole Foods Brighton. I can't remember the price..I want to say $8 per pound though.

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                                            1. re: chowda

                                              Season must be closing? When does the catch period end?

                                              1. re: grant.cook

                                                I have no clue, but from reading the rest of the thread, it must be last call!

                                                1. re: grant.cook

                                                  Ends when they meet their quota which was recently raised by 10%. Scuttlebutt at a couple of fish markets up here in Maine say around mid-month. Another week to 10 days+- seems be a good guess.

                                              2. mmmmm, finally cooked up some maine shrimp I picked up @ Mrk Bsk. I don't think I've ever had them and thanks to chowhound...loved em. I found a recipe on here that was toss in a bag w/ garlic, old bay & lil worstershire, then before saute on high heat lemon juice, salt/pepper. Yum yum yum, so tender and sweet

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                                                1. re: lexpatti

                                                  does anyone know how long the season will last? i had thought that it would end by the beginning of February.

                                                    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                                                      I talked to my local shrimp fisherman and he thought it was just a matter of days before the 2012 quota was met.....Hurry now before it comes to an end......

                                                    1. just got some at $4/half pound at the cambridge winter farmers market today. shoulda bought more!

                                                      1. Only taste I got this year was a beautiful version at Strip-T's. Wanted to include it in my Stuff review, which came out this week, but I figured it would be gone by the issue date. I've mentioned it here before: served with a bagna cauda made with shrimp oil instead of anchovies. Gigantic portion for $13. Memorable.


                                                        1. Well, I got to use my touristy "Maine Shrimp Cookbook" that I picked up in Camden this summer.. shrimp rolls, shrimp tacos, sauteed shrimp,,, like a Maine version of Forrest Gump..

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                                                          1. re: grant.cook

                                                            Last of the season!
                                                            Found some wee beatuies at Market Basket Basket in Burlington today; thought they might be a bit punky as I gather the season has recently closed.
                                                            Surprisingly firm and sweet as ever.

                                                            Thanks to all those who made this season possible!
                                                            Might be a couple of Maine shrimp meals left after all.


                                                            1. re: deweyweber54

                                                              the season closed one week ago on wednesday; i had my last maine shrimp on friday.

                                                              1. re: cambridgedoctpr

                                                                WF Fresh Pond had some today, said they got them in two days ago.. figure that's enough time on ice to move on..... so where are the fiddleheads already?