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Dec 29, 2011 04:11 PM

The return of a legend ... Levi's Hot Dogs

While the hot dog was certainly not invented in Philadelphia, the city certainly had its own hot dog culture, including pepper hash as a topping and Philadelphia Surf and Turf (hot dog with fish cakes on top). Nearly twenty years ago the last of the Levi's Hot Dog stores closed, ending an era.

But now they are back, in Abington opposite the Raymour and Flannigan on Easton Road, complete with pictures of the old stores, and members of the 50 year club.

I have only eaten there twice since they opened in December. The hot dog is big (5/lb) is all beef and uses original Levi's recipe. It is served on a mini hoagie roll. I have had their pepper hash and spicy brown mustard and it is quite a good dog. They have Champ Cherry soda in bottles to wash down the dog with so the nostalgic feeling is complete. Definitely ask for it to be grilled as they will split it and grill it for you, which adds flavor. They have lots of other toppings, as well as a the ability to make egg creams. Hope these folks are able to make a go of it.

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  1. Sounds awesome. Do they have fish cakes?

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    1. re: barryg

      Yes they do Barry, along with other items. They really are trying to feel a bit more like a deli than just a hot dog store. I have been there twice. First time dog was cold, but pepper has and spicy mustard was good. Second time when it was grilled it was much better. My next venture will be Philadelphia Surf and Turf.

      The venture is owned by the same folks that do Elliotts Amazing juices (and former owners of the Keswick.) You can see the whole menu here.

    2. The name of joint near South St, the original, was Levis's, after Mr Levis, never Levi. The name on the menu is now Levis. What's the name on the sign?

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      1. re: Max Buten

        Max thanks for catching that. It is indeed Levis without the apostrophe.

        1. re: cwdonald

          A few years ago, the old sign - the big one, from 5th street (I think. Maybe 4th? 6th?) was up on top of the North Star Bar. Did they get that out to Abington?