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Angeli Caffe closing!

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How sad...

Darn the darn recession!

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    1. re: mc michael

      i so enjoyed their food.
      it was the only restaurant that could motivate me to drive to west hollywood to eat.
      sad for me.

      1. re: westsidegal

        anytime i had to meet my SO on the west side we'd eat at angeli. we'd toss around options and always wind up there, totally happy that we did. i used to be able to walk there when i lived off beverly/melrose. this can't be happening!

    2. Got their e-mail tonight. They will really be missed. They will be open every night for dinner until they close for good (including Sunday, the 1st, and Monday the 2nd). Last day of business is January 8th. Please support this wonderful restaurant while you still can. They will continue catering and Evan with still be hosting Good Food on 89.9 KCRW, Saturdays at 11am.

      Angeli Restaurant
      7274 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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      1. re: wienermobile

        They will still be serving New Years Eve. From Evan's e-mail...
        "As per tradition, we will be open for regular dining from 5 until you stop coming in. “No midnite frolicking”. Just come in with good friends for good simple food. Let us share a hug and wishes for the best in 2012. All of us at Angeli will be embarking on new horizons so we'll especially appreciate your send off."

        1. re: wienermobile

          Wow - so sad!

          Best ricotta gnocchi I've ever had and always a lovely time.

      2. I'm so sad that Angeli Caffe is closing. Their Gnochhi is incredible, of course. But last summer i had a dish of burrata, pesto, and a peach. It was outrageously lickable.

        1. i'm not sure i've ever been so sad over something going away like i am with this news. i've had the gnocchi everytime i've been there since i first had it. for lunch i sometimes got the veggie pizza. i always ate a ton of their amazing bread. anyone have their bread recipe??? ughhhh. i wanna cry!

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          1. re: Clyde

            Here's her recipe for her pizza dough - and she also has a note as to how to use it for flatbread - which is what I think you are talking about. I hope!


          2. I have such great memories about Angeli -- my favorite is when they gave my 5 -7 year old nieces pizza dough to play with while the adults ate dinner. The kids were mesmerized and could not wait to go back.

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            1. re: Ciao Bob

              exactly the point i was going to make... solid food and really a welcoming place. good for groups, good for kids, just good.

              i know where at least two meals will be this week.

              sigh. why do the good ones have to go? and why do others get to stay? neither talent nor merit can be applied as any sort of portent for success anymore.

              1. re: Emme

                We were so sorry when they moved from West Los Angeles. They were on Santa Monica Blvd and it was a great favorite of our family. Very welcoming and good food.

                1. re: maudies5

                  my first Angeli dining experience was at the West LA location 20-some odd years ago and I will always remember what we had ...warmed olives....and then grilled radicchio with mozzarella melted over it...and then penne Arrabiata....simple pleasures.

                1. Wonderful place, amazing food. So many memories, and yes, the bread! Evan is one of the most gracious people in LA - ever. Angeli Caffe will truly be missed.

                  1. Just got an e-mail - do to over whelming demand Angeli's last night is now Friday January 13th. ONE EXTRA WEEK! Hurry for reservations and remember they are also open for lunch (TUESDAY - FRIDAY 11:30am - 2pm) until that date. And yes they are doing take out and delivery too.

                    Angeli Restaurant
                    7274 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

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                      1. re: kauma

                        I love listening to Good Food, which is why I never ate at Angeli Cafe- I didn't want to be disappointed by the lovely voice I heard on the radio with the food served at the restaurant. When you go through the archives, it seems quite a few CHs were unhappy with the food served there. Was it one of those cases where it was so different and revolutionary when it was new, but now it doesn't stand out where there's a dime of dozen trattorias in LA these days? It sounds like it had already been struggling before the recession ever hit.

                        1. re: naggie

                          You won't be disappointed and you have just two weeks to find out for yourself.

                          1. re: naggie

                            I think it is an example of good, competent, tasty Italian food circa 1980 with excellent bread. I would eat there frequently if I lived close.

                          1. Sad indeed. Her sausage & onion pizza is my #1 favorite. Man....

                            1. On my way there tonight. I haven't been in a long time, which makes me feel sad, that I've missed so many opportunities to eat Evan's wonderful food, and a little guilty, that I haven't been part of keeping them open. I first ate at Angeli the first week it opened; it knocked me out then, and every time since.

                              My plan is to go tonight, get takeout this weekend (maybe twice!), and then go again next Friday, the last day. I could only get a reservation for 5:30, but I took it - although I don't have anyone to go with yet. I'll go alone if I have to!

                              I've been thinking all day (okay, really all week) about what to get. I LOVE the Ligurian fish soup - I can't think of anything better than a big bowl of shellfish and incredible bread to mop up the sauce. On the other hand, do I really want to miss a last opportunity to have those incredible gnocchi? Oh, but what about the great pizza? the roast chicken? the pasta? the fritti? AAAAHHH!

                              Okay, must remain calm. I WILL have at least one more chance. And then when I win the lottery I can have Evan cater all my events.... ;)

                              1. I went on my last trip to Angeli for lunch today. I want to give everyone who plans to go whether it's to dine in over lunch or take out orders to prepare for utter chaos. I walked in about 12:30ish, maybe earlier. there were a bunch of people waiting for take out orders and only one other person waiting for a table. then three separate parties came in claiming they had a reservation. they made reservations and whoever took them were not supposed to as lunch is walk in only right now. so, one guy got really pissed while the other two parties took it in stride. they all got seated before me. that was pretty annoying. my pizza came out surprisingly fast considering how they were out of bread at the moment and tons of other people were waiting for their food. when i say surprisingly fast, i mean under the circumstances because it came out in a normal amount of time. i ordered some food to go as well, and still had to wait for that which took ages and when it was finally ready they were out of bread again. when i finally left there was a line of people out the door and i have no idea if they were waiting for take out or for a table. so, if you are willing to deal with all of this you have more patience than i do b/c as much as i will miss the place i cannot go through that again! enjoy everyone, the bread is still terrific and i have two of them that are going in my freezer.

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                                1. re: Clyde

                                  Yes, as of yesterday all of dinner reservations are TAKEN. Don't even attempt to go or your will be in for 1hr+ wait. I see the maddness is spilling over to lunch too. The staff is so friendly and pleasing, that they have been a little rattled by the response (but in speaking to them several times this week including one wonderful dinner service, they are SO grateful and overwhelmed by the love!)

                                  If you want to say goodbye, send Evan a card or EVEN better, don't say bye and be there to support her in her future endevours! :)


                                  1. re: Dommy

                                    i'm just so relieved i decided to get my dinner at lunch as takeout instead of stopping by on my way home from work b/c that would have been a disaster because there's nothing i want to do more on a friday night than to be home. so, who knows what the takeout situation is in the evening but over lunch was insane. one lady that worked there asked if i was the girl picking up for 'private practice'. so i'm guessing they're handling a lot of large take out orders over lunch, maybe it won't be so bad at night. really hard to guess... lunch was way more of an ordeal than i'd anticipated.

                                2. It was pretty crazy last night too. Certainly every table was filled, and I think the one I was sitting at was added, since I was sticking out into the doorway between the two rooms. The staff was pretty much running flat out constantly, but remained as pleasant and personable as always. Our waitress said that it's been like that every night, and also that many people have approached Evan to offer help to keep Angeli open. My assumption, frankly, was that she'd be relieved to be out of the restaurant business, but the waitress said no, she's delighted at the offers of help; she's definitely going to have to close the current location but maybe will start something somewhere else!

                                  I went with the fish soup.... YUM. Thrilled that I have a reservation for the 13th (although at 5:30); now looking for a friend to go with who will appreciate the momentousness of the occasion!

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                                  1. re: arb

                                    The staff was trying very hard to do the best they could but I could tell it was hard on this one lady who was waiting on me, she did her best but these two ladies next to me kept bugging her for stuff. I was very impressed with her keeping her cool while she looked on edge. I did see one guy who worked there almost lose his cool to the unpleasant man who claimed he'd made a reservation, but it resolved itself when they seated him (before me i might add!). I am still stressed out from my lunchtime visit. I almost wish i hadn't gone, to have this be my last experience there kind of stinks, but oh well. just a warning to everyone, if you're prepared for it, it won't be so bad.

                                    1. re: Clyde

                                      dinner on Monday was not quite a clusterf**k, but this was entering the restaurant at 9pm. Everyone wants to chit-chat and reminisce (except me); I swear some lady said: put $1000 on the card. I was like.. OKAAAY, you can talk with the waitress all you want.

                                      Evan's contribution to a blogger charity bake sale in the form of a white peach (from her backyard) & custard galette was one of the best desserts I had in '10.

                                      But yah, looks like it'll be an emotional zoo til the 13th.

                                  2. Just wanted to chime in... I've never eaten here myself, so I'm just as "guilty" if not more so (but I live in Central OC so I never seem to have the opportunity to go to so many of LA's institutions, unfortunately). Anyway, my wife and I happened to be on Melrose just before Evan Kleiman announced they were closing - it was one of our all-too-rare trips up to LA to enjoy the culture, if you will. It was the Friday before Christmas, noon-hour, and that stretch of Melrose was pretty much deserted. I was saddened to see all of the For Lease signs. And then I glanced across the street and saw the Angelli Cafe sign and thought "ah, so that's where that is". I believe it was open, but I didn't see much activity. I would have liked to visit before knowing they had closed... Now that they've announced they are closing they are busy, which is kind of ironic. Anyway my preachy message is, we need to patronize places that we would like to have around. I try to remember this for unique and "important" places in my general area.

                                    I've been listening to Good Food on KCRW for years and years (since the beginning, when the show was started by Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Millikan - who are also wonderful and deserve our support), and I know that Evan has a big heart and great talent, and would like to thank her for everything she's done and wish her the very best.

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                                    1. re: mikester

                                      I hear what you're saying. I took for granted that whenever we needed a spot in the area that was our place, however why not make special trips there instead of just going there when we were in the area.

                                      1. re: mikester

                                        You know, I had been to Angeli over the past year, but for Street Food Mondays and it still didn't hit me until the first dinner service after they annouced the closing. The vibe, the stories, the wistfulness. For so many of us who have lived in L.A. for all or a good chunk of our lives now, Angeli held a memory. A proposal, Dinner with Dad, first taste of burrata. For me, it was one of my first major client dinners. He told me the ONE place he wanted to come. Angeli. Many, many Angelinos of all generations have these stories and when the news spread, it was truly a homecoming in a city that is constantly churning there are sadly few place that ever have that sense of history.

                                        Evan though her show and her appearances around town, was always there. We didn't NEED to go Angeli to feel her presence, the fact is the L.A. food scene would not be the same if it wasn't for her championing local produce, ethnic cuisine, higher standards in everything we pass through our lips.

                                        I was saddened to hear of the closing, mostly because Angeli was such a special space and Evan still cared deeply about the restaurant and her patrons. But I look forward to see what will come from her newfound freedom...


                                      2. OK, if anyone is in the area run over there now for lunch b/c i was just there and it seemed back to normal! there were plenty of people in there, but not nearly the chaos of last week. no one was waiting for anything when i walked in. my food came out totally in reasonable time and so did my to go items. i didn't have to wait half hour for bread, it came out immediately. everyone was relaxed and super friendly. i overheard evan ask where everyone was, do they not like us anymore. i'm so glad i went back one last time to erase last weeks insanity and experience it the way i wanted to remember it. oh, and they have beet gnocchi today :)