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Jun 2, 2006 01:48 PM

From Russia with Love-- TRAKTIR This Weekend

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Any recs on food, and I believe there is a minimal fee for corkage on the (little water).......


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  1. great 5 flavor vodka tasting rack for around $6. I like the potato perogies and other dumpling place

    1. Where is this place?

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      1. re: Elaine

        crescent heights/santa monica blvd, nw corner

      2. Oh, once you have that vodka sampler everything is going to taste great anyway . . .

        but, some favorites include many of the salads including the "cucumber/crab salad" which is really close to Japanese-style sunomono and really good, and the pickled salads; ; the beef/beet borscht (it's hot); pelmeni; herring; the grilled chicken full, full of dill; and various desserty stuff from the store next door.

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          salmon appetizer
          herring appetizer
          vodka sampler
          Skip any dinner items - not as good and you'll have plenty of food.

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          1. re: duckduckgoose

            ..."Skip any dinner items - not as good..."

            Sadly, but so very true. Sometimes at restaurants whose cuisine comes from the Eastern Mediterranean, the best items are the appetizers and the mains are usually overcooked Lamb and rice. But to get back on topic, only at a Russian restaurant would they have this on the menu:

            "Airline Chicken Schnitzel"

            Doesn't that just say it all?

          2. Both of the mixed salads (with creamy dressing and without), herring, smoked salmon, and any of the dumplings. The pickled vegetables and mushrooms are also good as are the soups.

            The meat dishes tend to be well done so if you like them less cooked say so. Better than the meat itself are the the mushrooms and slightly spicy tomato sauce that is served with them. The mushrooms taste like they are cooked in duck fat.

            Make sure to call for a reservation because the restaurant is often packed with large parties in for the evening.