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Dec 29, 2011 01:09 PM

Which corned beef to try? [moved from Los Angeles Area board]

Does anyone know how long a corned beef that is vac-packed can be kept in freezer? Have one that expired 5/2010! Is it good enuff ya think?

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  1. Not sure about the corned beef but since it has been frozen I would try cooking it. The quality may have suffered but it should certainly be safe. I rely on this site when I have a safety question re: food :

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    1. re: lovetocookPEI

      Thank you. Yah - main point here is better safe than sorry!

    2. If it's been frozen solid in a chest freezer without a defrost cycle, it will likely be just fine. If it's been in a regular no-frost freezer that has defrost cycles, it will have been thawing and refreezing a little bit each time, and the texture may well have suffered. But it won't be dangerous, just maybe a little mushy.

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        @acgold7 - It's been in a refrigerator top freezer. No defrosting.