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Dec 29, 2011 01:00 PM

Baguette Delite/Banh mi viet in Edison.

I passed by this little place about a month ago by chance and promised to try it out once it was up and running. I had the opportunity today on my way back from Costco and am pleasantly surprised.
It's basically a take out joint with some seating and a limited menu featuring about a dozen Banh Mi's and a chalk board menu with some basic noodle dishes and Pho's that is quite popular on weekends according to the owner.
I ordered the BBQ pork,lemon grass beef and pork meatball. They are all made in front of you and lacked nothing except some heat and perhaps a splash more of fish sauce but I attribute that to the owner not wanting to overwhelm the white guy before he got to know him.
The all important baguette was fresh with just the right amount of crust and crunch and all the fillings were seasoned well including the pickled carrots and radish.
All in all definitely an improvement for what passes for Banh Mi in central NJ and I can't wait to try the rest of the menu. Give it a shot but if you like yours with a bite please ask Qwan to kick it can handle it. Banh Mi Viet. 381 Old Post Road, Edison .NJ. 08817. 732 626 5542.

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  1. I stopped by today after seeing your pictures, and as a disclaimer, I'm a white guy who has never tried a Banh Mi in 25 years of eating :-P.. wow.. what did I miss out on. The more "ethnic" foods tend to scare me away for the fear of the unknown.. but wow.. this little place impressed me.

    I asked for the counter guy's recommendation, and he said for first timers, either the BBQ Pork or the Lemongrass Beef like you got. So my finance and I got one of each.

    When they came out, we took our first bites of each and basically fell in love. It was one of the most balanced sandwiches I've ever eaten, between savory, sweet, a bit of spice, moist fillings, with soft AND crunchy bread. It was basically a finely tuned piece of art in my hand.

    I'm still kicking myself in the ass for not trying a Banh Mi before.

    While we where there, I decided to also try a bubble tea, Mango. I had seen these once before in New Brunswick, but always just wrote it off as "too weird". The Mango flavored tea was very nice, but for me, the bubbles where just a bit too weird, sort of like gummy bears. I'm sure that's the way it's supposed to be, but its just me being used to my old norm. LOL

    I'm planning on making this place a regular rotation into my lunch breaks at work and planning on bringing back some coworkers who are always looking for new lunch spots.

    Highly recommended.

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      I'm glad you liked it,yes a well made Banh Mi is a thing of beauty and thank you for telling your co workers as well. Perhaps we can keep him going so that I don't have to go all the way to Chinatown every time I need a Banh Mi fix. Next time you're in there and need a pick me up,try the Vietnamese coffee over ice.

    2. Do they put pâté on the sandwich?

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        Not in the ones I ordered,but I did see it on the prep table,so I venture it's included in their more traditional Banh Mi's.

        1. re: tommy

          I think generally pate only goes on the "classic" banh mi. Which is the only one for me!

          1. re: joonjoon

            Don't discount the BBQ chicken banh mi with just a splash more of nuoc mam and a squirt of sriracha. The owner explained that he was getting a lot of TAM jalapenos so that's why the heat was absent on some of the banh mi's.

        2. Stopped in last Sunday with my husband and son. Husband had a grilled chicken Banh Mi. Son had a bowl of Pho Tai and I had Bun with lemongrass beef.

          Husband couldn't say enough good things about the banh mi. Actually, he couldn't say much because he was too busy munching. He declared it delicious and wanted a second one but decided to control himself. Son enjoyed the pho tai except that it was a bit salty. My lemongrass beef bun was delicious. I would have liked a bit more fish sauce in the dressing. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to just ask for some----I should have.

          The service was exceptionally pleasant. Unfortunately, we're not in the area often, but we will certainly stop in again when we are there.

          1. Based on reco's here from fellow CH'ers, the family & I went here this afternoon. Very tasty banh mi sandwiches. A popular little place with friendly service. Some bars tools and 1 long counter by the front window, and 4 or 5 tables that seat either 2 or 4, that's it. Banh mi run about $5 or so, pho about $7 or $8, so very affordable.

            We tried several items, but the BBQ pork banh mi really stood out.

            Although we live over a half hour away, you can bet that this will be a place we'll return to in the not too distant future.