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Dec 29, 2011 11:57 AM

Keffers, Gene and Georgetti or Rosebud Prime for New Years Eve

I have a reservation for 7p for all three...need to pick one...thoughts?

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  1. Out of the three, I like Keefers the best.

    1. Sounds like you want a steak night. Which you go to kinda depends on what you're looking for.

      Gene & Georgetti is very old school. It favors its "regulars." Others sometimes complain about service. I would not go back.

      Rosebud Prime is based in the Italian tradition of the Rosebud restaurant chain and located right in the heart of the Loop. Not likely to be "swinging" on NYE. That may be a plus or a minus for you.

      Keffers is newer and bit more contemporary in its ambiance. Of the three, it's the most likely that I would choose.

      I do recommend that you give up two of those reservations soon so that others who want them can get them.

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        hey chicgail - i know this is an old thread. we're going to be there in April and i'm looking for a steakhouse for the BF. i'll be asking more questions about the rest of the trip as i do my research on the Chicago board. as for steakhouses, the BF tends to want old school, and doesn't care if a steak is dry-aged as long as it's good, and the steaks don't cost $50+ apiece. Gene & Georgetti's appealed for both the first two reasons (wet-aged steaks, old school) but their website doesn't list prices. Are you saying Keefer's is better because the service is better than at G&G's, or the food is? or both? any idea on pricing at G&G?

        i know there are better steakhouses in Chicago, but again, the BF isn't fussed on having the most expensive steaks in town, nor the fanciest atmosphere (and this is his meal to pick, i'm just getting info for him). thanks for any input, from anyone!

        1. re: mariacarmen

          >> any idea on pricing at G&G?

          You can view their menu with prices at

          The best steakhouses in town may be David Burke's Primehouse and Chicago Cut Steakhouse; Keefer's ranks up there as well, and there are other steakhouses that have their fans too. However, since it sounds like you're primarily looking for one that's somewhat less expensive than those but still decent, you might want to consider Wildfire or Petterino's, both of which are pretty traditional "old school" type steakhouses.

          By way of comparison, here are current prices for a filet mignon on the dinner menu at each of these places:

          Gene & Georgetti small $37.75 standard $46.50 bone in $52.50

          David Burke's Primehouse $43

          Chicago Cut Steakhouse 6 oz $34 8 oz $42 10 oz $49

          Keefer's standard $37 large $45

          Wildfire petite $26.95 standard $30.95 bone in $39.95

          Petterino's 7 oz $28.95

          1. re: mariacarmen

            I would say that the steaks are better. Not necessarily the best in town, but the best of the three. I eliminated G&G just because it's - for me - an annoying place to be. The regulars, obviously love it, but I think the service is perfunctory at best.

            The best deal in town is probably Wildfire. It's schtick is that it is an old-time (40s/50s) Chicago steakhouse. The steaks are decent, but not the best in town.

            The other good deal for steaks is Mon Ami Gabi in the Belden Stratford. It's a chain that calls itself a French Bistro, but the emphasis is on steak frites of most cuts (strip, filet, hangar, ribeye) and genres (classique, bernaise, au poive, bordelaise, roqueforte). Prices range from $20-$40.

            Both are Lettuce Entertain You restaurants.

            1. re: chicgail

              Thanks for all this info, much appreciated.

          1. My vote would be for David Burke's or Cut, but since those are off the table, Keffers.